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B.A. in Animation Educational Goals

  • Conceptualization: Scripting, storyboarding, character development, animatics, sound, issues of adaptation, copyright and pitching
  • Modeling and Construction: Construction of the wire frame and kinematic structures for characters/objects to be animated within their environments, including both Polygonal and Nurbs modeling
  • Texturing: Creation of surface information and details for all the created objects; rendering effects; optimizing for speed
  • Animation: Movement, exaggeration, expression, character animation and timing
  • Digital Cinematography: Camera angle and movement, lighting, particles and environmental effects
  • Post Production: Rendering of elements, compositing, editing, layback to audio and getting the final product to its proper media (DVD, Internet, Film, VHS, d-Beta, Beta SP, etc.).
  • Faith and Learning:  How and why your Christian worldview can impact your ability to learn now and perform later in your chosen field

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