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Annual Student Film Showcase Impresses

By Amanda Morad

June 20, 2016

Annual Student Film Showcase Impresses

Professor Booker Mattison and Dr. Lorene Wales emcee the 2013 Student Film Showcase.


Student filmmakers at Regent University devote endless hours and effort to making short films that are not only professional, but meaningful. Each year, the best of the best are shown in a hit parade of redemptive films, giving directors, producers, writers, actors and crew members the ultimate payoff for their workseeing it on the big screen.

Held Wednesday, April 24, in the Main Theatre, the 27th annual Student Film Showcase impressed a full house of students, staff and faculty with its diversity, top-tier professionalism, and redemptive themes.

"All the films had strong Christian messages, mostly implicit in the storylines rather than explicit," said Professor Andrew Quicke, chair of the cinema-television department in the School of Communication & the Arts (SCA). "Technically, they were all films of high standard, often filming in the dark which is always very difficult. The animation films served as light humor between more serious films and paid tribute to the large College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) animation program."

The animation program held its own showcase of works the following evening.

Calling the showcase "the most obvious local proof that Hollywood is not the only place to make movies," The Virginian-Pilot previewed the lineup in their Monday, April 22, article about the event.

While each film expressed redemptive themes, that expression differed wildly. Two documentaries, featuring the poverty of a neighborhood in the Dominican Republic and the plight of orphans in Senegal, West Africa, brought a global perspective to the lineup.

Two period war filmsone based in WWII Germany and the other in the Civil War-torn Southdealt with personal sacrifice of one individual's life to save another.

The night also featured a foreign language drama, a popular kids cartoon homage, a live action/animation hybrid, and an in-depth documentary look at love and relationships. Regent's first endowed animation film, The Best Gift, also made a showing. More than 112 students, faculty and other personnel worked on the project over the two academic school years it took to bring it to fruition.

"I was delighted to see the quality of this year's films that illustrate the work of our students and their faculty mentors this academic year," said Dr. Mitch Land, SCA dean. "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then motion pictures must be worth a million because no medium quite captures the imagination and the human spirit like film. Stories told through comedy, drama and animation allow us to inspire, enrich and ultimately transform the culture and thus change the world."

The following films were selected for the showcase from both SCA and CAS submissions by a panel of faculty members: La Calle Buena (Produced by Liz Ebert; directed and written by Rachel Hooley); Shoot (Produced, directed and written by Justin Garcia); Cultivare (Produced by Jillian Sifuentes, directed by Hope Ammen); Story of Red (Produced, directed and written by Dominick A. Garcia); The Best Gift (Produced by Mari Park; directed by Ashley Zahorian; written by Topher Cavanaugh); Boxcard (Produced, directed and written by Justin Garcia); The Long Way Out (Produced by Adam Bova; directed and written by Ryan Pace); Coming Achoo! (Produced, directed and written by Justin Garcia); All Things New (Produced by Joseph Reese; directed by Andrew Ray); Kip's Tips (Produced, directed and written by Justin Garcia); Surrender (Produced, directed and written by Aaron Steiner); Beneath the Cloth (Produced by Nathan Stump; directed and written by John Martin); Screams of My Silent World (Produced, directed and written by Jonatas da Silva).

To date, Regent University films have garnered more than 300 awards at local, regional, national and international festivals.

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