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Robertson Hall, which houses Regent University's Robertson School of Government.


For students preparing for successful careers in government, the internship experience will fine tune your career path and, at the same time, introduce you to a network of professional contacts who will very likely serve as advisors, mentors and future resources.

Students from Regent University have secured internships in federal, state and local governments as well as other opportunities with political, advocacy and think-tank organizations nationwide. Internships are initiated by the student and will vary in length and location. You can learn more about the internship process by reviewing the following resources:

Internship Instructions

Other Internship Information

PLEASE NOTE: You must discuss internship opportunities with your faculty advisor before making outside contacts. Also, your Internship Proposal must be approved by your advisor before registering for credit.

It is to your benefit to apply EARLY and to apply to MULTIPLE organizations, as the internship process has become very competitive on Capitol Hill and in nonprofit organizations. As a general rule, application deadlines at most organizations are as follows:

Summer Internship: February 1 – March 1

Fall Internship: July 1 – August 1

Spring Internship: November 1 to December 1

Be sure to check the deadline for organizations you are interested in, and apply as soon as possible.