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A stethoscope: Explore the certificate in healthcare studies at Regent University.

Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Studies

On Campus, Online
August 21, 2023

Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Studies is an academic certificate offering students the opportunity to earn a higher education credential while growing in healthcare knowledge in one of the most in-demand fields today. This certificate is ideal for individuals who may not otherwise consider a full degree program but wish to build a better understanding of healthcare operations, medical management and public health policies. 

  • Explore various components of the U.S. healthcare system over the entire continuum of care.
  • Examine the daily operational management of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, private practice, ambulatory settings, and specialty services.
  • Learn about social, moral and ethical issues associated with public health policy decisions and regulations—all presented from a Christian worldview.

This undergraduate certificate does not include professional licensure.

Regent University’s Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Studies is for lifelong learners who want to re-skill, up-skill, and get ahead with new credentials. Whether you’re seeking professional development or continuing education, Regent’s 100% online certificate programs will give you the priceless advantage of high-quality education from America’s premier Christian university. To learn more about this program, please complete the Request Information form on this page.

Various components of the U.S. healthcare system over the entire continuum of care. Attention given to private and public financing mechanisms, the forces of market competition, government regulation, and the impact of health policy on key stakeholders. Presents students with a variety of healthcare career options.
Day-to-day operational management of healthcare organizations including hospitals, private practice, ambulatory settings, and specialty services, with a focus on issues influencing the administration of today's healthcare organizations. Attention given to those issues that affect the delivery of care, and how decisions are made to develop new programs.
Practice in making managerial decisions in a wide variety of situations. Cases are presented that analyze current issues such as service-line management, healthcare reform, the medical home, accountable care organizations, community benefit, CEO compensation and other legal and cultural issues affecting the healthcare organization.
Introduction to the management of medical information systems in healthcare, emphasizing the optimization and customization potential of computer functions in the health services environment. Exploration of organizational and cost-benefit issues related to healthcare information systems, including clinical decision-support, integrated networking and distributed computing technologies, and universal medical records.
Public health policy creation and the regulation of healthcare delivery in the U.S. Social, moral, and ethical issues associated with these policy decisions and regulations, such as corporate liability, medical malpractice, admission and discharge process, informed consent, patients' rights, and confidentiality of medical records. Prerequisite: HCMT 310.

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Full-Time Students

Undergraduate CertificateTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Advertising & Marketing$39512$4,740
Biblical Studies$39512$4,740
Christian Ministry$39512$4,740
Computer Science$39512$4,740
Criminal Justice$39512$4,740
Healthcare Studies$39512$4,740
Human Resources$39512$4,740
Information Systems$39512$4,740
International Relations$39512$4,740
Leadership Studies$39512$4,740

Part-Time Students

Undergraduate CertificateTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Advertising & Marketing$4506$2,700
Biblical Studies$4506$2,700
Christian Ministry$4506$2,700
Computer Science$4506$2,700
Criminal Justice$4506$2,700
Cyber Practitioner Preparation$4509$4,050
Healthcare Studies$4506$2,700
Human Resources$4506$2,700
Information Systems$4506$2,700
International Relations$4506$2,700
Leadership Studies$4506$2,700

Student Fees Per Semester

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)$850
University Services Fee (Online Students)$700

*Rates are subject to change at any time.

Estimated Cost of Attendance: View the estimated cost of attendance to see an example of the total cost of tuition and fees.

Note: Eligible students may use their VA benefits to cover the cost of their undergraduate certificate. Learn more about benefits and discounts for military students.

“Things anxiety and depression told me I couldn’t do: be independent, live by myself, be completely happy, graduate college (magna cum laude!). Things I’ve done: All of the above.”

Ansley Michaela Hamby, B.A. in Communication Studies, 2020

“With 30+ years of nursing experience, I saw myself as a leader, but I felt this nudging from God to go back to school. I’ve discovered my new calling: to serve as a life coach.”

Ellyn Jett, B.A. in Communication Studies, 2020 Nurse

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“I knew Regent was a Christian university, but I wasn’t expecting the love of Christ to be so evident.”

Jonatas DaSilva, B.A., 2015 Cinema/TV

“Getting a Big Idea/Dreamworks internship and working on VeggieTales in the House was a dream come true. Ultimately I want to write and direct stories, regardless of what form they take. Storytelling is what I love, and I'm so grateful Regent has helped me develop that passion.”

Justin Garcia, B.A., 2014 Animator