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School of Law Presents the Ronald L. Fick Book Award Ceremony

Ronald L. Fick Book Award recipients.
Ronald L. Fick Book Award recipients.

When Ronald Fick, shareholder and attorney at Dunwody White & Landon, P.A. in Palm Beach, Florida, learned that his daughter, Allison Fick ’14 (LAW) received the highest grade in her Contracts


I course, he proudly proclaimed that she would receive the book award for her efforts.


But he didn’t know that, at the time, Regent University’s School of Law had no book award program.

“I decided I’d make a concerted effort to see if I could convince Regent to begin giving these awards to honor future students, like today’s recipients,” said Fick.

Due to that effort, Regent launched its first set of book awards in January 2014. The second set was awarded in September 2014, just in time for Fick’s daughter to be presented with an award for the highest marks in her Corporate Tax class.

“All’s well that ends well,” Fick said to LAW students, faculty and staff at the Ronald L. Fick Book Award Ceremony on Thursday, January 21st. This semester’s ceremony honored students who received the highest marks in their fall 2015 courses.

“Today, I’d like to take a moment to thank the law school administration and faculty who are working very hard to prepare you students to become the next generation of lawyers,” said Fick. “Regent has assembled one of the finest law school faculties in the country. All of the men and women who serve on this illustrious faculty are not only accomplished in their particular area of law, but are also men and women of God.”

Additionally, Jared Birckholtz ‘10 (LAW), alumnus and staff counsel for Geico, presented a monetary award for excellence of performance in Negotiations and community service. He congratulated the book award recipients, and encouraged them to keep their focus on their character.

“I’ve come to realize the integrity that you have carries over and is a huge part of your practice,” said Birckholtz. “Seventy-five percent of my job is building relationships and being a man of my word. You all have the book-knowledge; you’re very smart. And you’re well-equipped because of the faculty here. Build on that integrity.”

Law students Cassandra Payton ‘16 and Sean Mitchell ’15 received the Geico honor. Mitchell said the honor was not something he won on his own, but was a collection of all his studies at law school and the guidance from the faculty. He recalled shopping in Home Depot the day he received an email notifying him that he had been admitted into law school.

“I immediately dropped to my knee in the middle of Home Depot and thanked God for all he’d done and what he was going to do. So my plan for late April after I take the bar exam is to go back to that same Home Depot and wait,” said Mitchell with a laugh. “My only hope is that I’ll do whatever it is that God has for me to do.”

Payton also received the book award for her Secured Transactions course, a feat that she never thought was possible until she changed her priorities. She began to find joy, and even fun, in her studies.

“I was so shocked that I’d achieved the highest grade in two classes, and it was the semester I wasn’t trying for the grade’s sake, I was trying for the sake of the Lord,” said Payton. “I think last fall was one of my best semesters because I had a great time. I enjoyed my work.”

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