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Presidential Panel Represents Candidates on their Policies

With the presidential election less than one month away, time is running out to complete voter registration and select a candidate.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of people are just looking to the personality instead of the policies,” said Leo Thome Regent University Council of Graduate Students (COGS) president. “That’s a very dangerous place to judge, just to place a vote on a personality.”

To make policy the main focus of the presidential race, COGS organized a presidential panel to answer questions and educate students. Teams of volunteers articulated the candidates’ positions on issues ranging from military intervention to social issues and taxes. Representatives for Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump fielded questions in the Moot Court Room, articulating their candidate’s views.

“They volunteered to speak on behalf of the candidates,” said COGS Senator Charity Kewish. “This is not an affiliation with a candidate at all. It’s not an endorsement of the candidate, but they are here to answer the question as best as they can on behalf of the candidate.”

Dr. Eric Patterson, Robertson School of Government (RSG) dean, moderated the panel. He asked prepared questions, and then opened the discussion to questions from the audience, foreign policy, Obamacare, the economy and jobs, all key issues.

“I don’t know how many people are not talking about the upcoming presidential election,” said Kewish. “We thought this would be a great way for people to come and find out more about the candidates, and hopefully it will help them make a decision.”

“It’s vitally important because, last election, the current administration only won by 3 million votes,” said Thome. “If all Christians had voted, and they voted for a different party, we could have had a different result. When the righteous govern, the people rejoice. Politics is important, and we need to be engaged in culture because the Great Commission is not just limited to the Church or to the streets. It goes way beyond that into business, government, politics, everywhere.”

Election events continue at Regent as Election Day approaches. The RSG will hold an Election Night Watch Party on November 8, and a Post-Election Panel Discussion on November 10.

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