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Regent University Campus Changes Robertson Hall in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

“Never Despise Small Beginnings”: Regent’s Campus Then and Now

“Never despise small beginnings.” It’s a phrase of Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, Regent University Founder, Chancellor & CEO, that embodies his hope in God’s direction.

More than 40 years ago, Dr. Robertson had a dream. That dream was to start a school, an institution of higher education, for God’s glory.

Fast forward and enter Regent University — a school with a lively campus, a diverse set of degree programs, and a body of students and alumni dedicated to being Christian leaders in a host of different fields and realms of influence.

As we sail past our 40th anniversary, we hope to take the opportunity to reflect on our “small beginnings” and the distance we’ve come since.

Dr. Robertson Addressing Graduates

Cameras roll as Dr. Pat Robertson delivers an address to a past class of Regent University — then, CBN University — on the steps of the Administration Building.

Regent University's Administration Building. Dr. Pat Robertson delivers an address to a past class of Regent University on the steps of the Administration Building.

The Library Plaza

A Little Brick Goes a Long Way. Cranes lumber over a barren patch of dirt that now serves as a brick-paved plaza for the Library and Robertson Hall. If it’s a pleasant day, chances are you’ll see some students out there soaking up the vitamin D.

The plaza for Regent University's Library and Robertson Hall under construction. Regent University's library plaza.

Library Bookshelves

What was once an empty shell of brick metal framework now houses a plethora of books and research materials.

The Regent University library under construction. Regent University's library, a treasure trove.

The Enduring Chandelier

While most of the imagery in these two shots contrast, nothing has changed about the brass chandelier that serving as centerpiece for each.

The lobby of Regent University's beautiful library building. The lobby of Regent University's library, Virginia Beach.

A Row of Arches

Below a second-floor balcony, workers construct arches flanking the Library’s first-floor entrance from within its partially completed lobby. More workers would install window panels underneath them.

Workers construct arches flanking the Regent Library’s first-floor entrance. The Regent University Library’s first-floor entrance.

The Atrium from Above

It’s still the same room, just from a lot higher. This shot from a lofty perch in the Library lobby reveals a glimpse of the atrium in an unfinished state.

The Regent University library atrium under construction. The view from Regent University library's balcony.

A Place for Flags

Bare of flags, bricks, or any frills of the sort, the skeletal structure that is the Library lobby embodies the term “bare bones.”

Regent University Library's lobby under construction. Regent University Library's lobby.

The Final Stage of Robertson Hall Construction

Named after Dr. Robertson’s father, Senator A. Willis Robertson, the nearly finished Robertson Hall sporting fresh brick sits tall and square in the sun.

The nearly finished Robertson Hall. Robertson Hall, Regent University, Virginia Beach.

Robertson Hall Parking Lot, feat. It’s Neighbor

This side of Robertson Hall now faces a parking lot. Cars and asphalt occupy what a simple patch of dirt did then. In the distance, one of the Library’s corners protrudes into the frame.

The Robertson Hall parking lot under construction. One side of Robertson Hall.

The Sidewalk to the Future

Construction workers put finishing touches on the building. The sidewalk in the foreground metaphorically etches towards the area of campus where buildings, such as the Communication Building and the Commons, would stand much later.

Construction workers put finishing touches on the building. Visit Regent University, Virginia Beach.