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Keeping God’s Vision

Having been convicted of murder and sentenced to prison, Pastor Maury Davis described six steps on how to get from “there” to “here.” The pastor of Cornerstone Nashville shared this advice Wednesday, Feb. 10, at the weekly University Chapel service.

Davis used Scripture to outline six steps to move from where you are to where you need to be. It’s a transformational journey that starts with believing and ends with keeping what you’ve found.

“Right now, you’re trying to determine God’s will for your life. Would you forget about that? You do not determine God’s will,” said Davis. “You receive God’s will.”

Davis says living God’s plan for your life begins with belief. While God doesn’t necessarily reveal everything He plans for you instantly, He does not fail His children. He always guides them to their next steps. When faced with uncertainty, belief must prevail.

“God does not fail His children. If God is your God, and He gave His son to die for you, how much more will He not freely, through Jesus Christ, give you all things?” asked Davis. “You’ve got to believe that.”

Once a person believes God, Davis says the next steps of actualizing His plans involve saying them, seeing them, claiming them, taking them and keeping them. This involves rejoicing, praying in the Spirit, and operating from the framework of God’s anointing.

“The Word of God is most often seen, not heard,” said Davis. “When God is revealing supernaturally to you, most of the time, you’re going to see the vision rather than hear the vision. If you’re not operating from a prophetic position with a spiritual anointing on your life, you’re not going to be able to spiritually see what God is saying. You can’t do in your flesh what God is going to accomplish by His spirit.”

Davis says it’s only through God’s anointing that His plans come to pass. He says people play a role by sacrificing themselves completely to Jesus in honor of Christ’s sacrifice.

“Servants sacrifice their cause for serving others,” said Davis. “I quit going to the pulpit and asking for volunteers. Volunteers are people you can’t count on. Servants are, and that’s why Jesus identified himself as a servant.”

Lastly, Davis stressed the importance of keeping the vision God has given. He says never to sell out His vision, deal with sin, and remain true to the Lord in service.