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Beyond Duty Traveling Holocaust Exhibition Makes Stop at Regent University

Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Israel, Benjamin Krasna. Photo courtesy of Patrick Wright.
Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Israel, Benjamin Krasna.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Wright.

On Tuesday, October 9, friends of Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network attended the grand opening and reception for the “Beyond Duty” exhibition; a traveling memorial exhibit, curated by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The exhibit honors the lives of 36 diplomats who risked the safety of their families and their very lives to save countless Jews during the Holocaust.

“In a world where basic human values had collapsed, these diplomats recognized the unprecedented danger of the dire persecution and murder facing the Jews in the countries in which they served,” said Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Moreno-Riaño. “They chose to act according to their conscience to save as many men, women, and children as possible mainly by providing them with passports, Visas, and travel permits.”

“There couldn’t be a better place for an exhibition than within the halls of a university,” said Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Israel, Benjamin Krasna. “The lessons to be learned, the idea of teaching future generations to find ways to reach them and tell them the truth, tell them the history.”

Krasna explained that as the generation of Holocaust survivors fades into history, it’s incumbent upon education institutions, such as Regent, to ensure its students learn about the tragic events of the Holocaust and in turn learn to never remain silent in the face of adversity, to answer to a higher authority and morality, and to never take “good” for granted.

The exhibit is doing its part to spread this knowledge. “Beyond Duty” originally launched in Jerusalem on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2018. Now, it’s set to travel to 70 locations around the world and in twenty different languages.

“Here are people whose government essentially told them not to do what they did and they had to stand up, and ask themselves, ‘Do I follow what is being told, the common line of the day, or do I realize just how bad this is and do I do something about it?’” said Christian Broadcasting Network CEO Gordon Robertson.

The exhibition is free and open to the public in Regent’s University Library Atrium until October 23, 2018.