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Graduation News Release

We believe the achievements of our students are the best advertisement possible, and it's our pleasure to assist you in sharing your good news. Congratulations on your graduation and blessings as you leave Regent University as a Christian Leader to Change the World.

Completing the form below will generate a news release that you can submit to your hometown newspaper.


  • After submitting the form below, you will receive a news release sent to your email address. The release will include the personal information you inputted. Please review the release carefully as it may require editing or re-formatting.
  • Contact your hometown newspaper(s) to ask if the publication accepts graduation announcements. Some news outlets do charge for publishing these types of announcements.
  • Ask if your newspaper will print a photo with the announcement. If so, most newspapers require a high-resolution (250 dpi or larger) image. The photo should be an original image file. Compressed photos or photos downloaded from Facebook or other websites do not meet newspaper publication standards.
  • The newspaper may edit the content of the news release to meet its space and style requirements.
  • Submitting a news release to a newspaper does not guarantee publication. The newspaper will decide if the information can and will be published. You may want to contact the newspaper to follow up on publication.

Questions: Please contact Mindy Hughes at

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Graduation News Release
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