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Discover how to change the world at Regent University.

How to Change the World

Political and cultural tensions. Economic crises. Growing rates of depression and anxiety. In a world with so many problems, it seems easy to leave the heavy lifting to the leaders. But who are the leaders? What is leadership? Read on if you are curious about how to change the world.

Christian leadership to change the world is more than a motto at Regent University. In Regent’s podcast, How to Actually Change the World, we dive into the lives and work of some of our alumni who are making differences in their industries—maybe in a different way than you think.

The podcast will feature “lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, and current students and alumni of Regent University,” said Darvin Muentes, co-host of How to Actually Change the World. “The hope of this podcast is to inspire people to carve out their own Regent story.”

Leaders are more than people who stand on stage behind podiums. Leaders are people who change the world in exciting new ways every day.

The Regent community has accomplished many things even in their time as students at the university. Students have won over 645 local, national, and international student film awards. Law students have succeeded in winning the Spong Moot Court Tournament, while business students place in national Enactus U.S. Expositions.

There are also many examples of how to change the world to be learned from alumni. Kenton Lee, a graduate of the School of Business & Leadership, started his own company to create special shoes for children in need in other countries.

Ann Buwalda is driven by compassion for those who seek asylum and refuge from their countries. She founded Just Law International PC and fights for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves.

The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Winsome Earle-Sears, made history as the first woman elected to this role. Her passion for education continues to serve the community of Virginia and the next generation of leaders.

Changing the world isn’t always about making headlines and magazine covers.  

Sometimes, it’s about fulfilling your calling and role with excellence, like Stacey Thoroughgood, a first-generation college student with a heart to serve her team at work.

Perhaps changing the world is about being tenacious and pursuing dreams that are uniquely your own. Gary Powers overcame struggles with his grades and homelessness to graduate from Regent University with a 3.1 GPA.

Changing the world can be about helping others tell their stories, too. Loni Albertson, a graduate of the MFA in Film-Television program, worked at DreamWorks for eight years before beginning a career at Illumination. Thus far, she has worked on major films: Rise of the Guardians (2012), Home (2015), The Boss Baby (2017), and Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022).

The first episode will feature Bobby Dyer, ranked third best mayor in America in 2020. As a true example of servant leadership, Mayor Dyer relies on faith to weather the storms in his community.

To discover some exciting ways people are making a difference, check out the podcast How to Actually Change the World, airing anywhere you stream podcasts and on YouTube.