Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program

Graduate and undergraduate students who are preparing to teach in one of Virginia’s critical shortage teaching areas are eligible to apply for the Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan.

Typically, students who are eligible for this program are:

(a) enrolled in a program leading to an endorsement in a critical shortage area as annually established by the Board of Education;

2015-16 shortage areas include:

  1. Special Education
  2. Elementary Education preK-6
  3. Middle Education Grades 6-8
  4. Career and Technical Education
  5. Mathematics Grades 6-12 (including Algebra I)
  6. School Counselor preK-12
  7. Foreign Languages preK-12
  8. English
  9. Health and Physical Education preK-12
  10. History and Social Sciences

(b) male teacher candidates in an elementary or middle school education program;

(c) minority teacher candidates enrolled in any teacher endorsement area; or

(d) students in an approved teacher education program leading to an endorsement in career and technical education.

This award is considered a scholarship as long as the award recipient accepts a teaching position within the first full academic year after becoming eligible for a teaching license. If, upon completion of the teacher preparation program, the recipient does not teach, the scholarship-loan must be paid back to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In order to receive this award, you must be nominated by Regent University. School nominations are usually submitted in early May for the upcoming fall semester. To determine if you would be eligible to be nominated, contact Kenyetta Veal in the School of Education.

View a detailed description of the program. Contact Kenyetta Veal in the School of Education for more information.