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Event Request Form

  • For Media Services requests submitted fewer than 30 business days in advance for events or 7 business days in advance for classes, there will be a $50 late request fee charged to your school, department, or organization.
  • For last minute cancellations/re-schedules (24 hours or less) or failure to communicate a cancellation/re-schedule to Media Services, a $25 fee will be charged.

Please allow 1-2 business days for request forms to be processed.


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Post-Production information
If an Audio or Video record is requested, please tell us what you would like the end product to be:
DVD Link for Blackboard Only for Archive Live Streaming Post-Event Streaming
Sync PowerPoint with Video (Butterfly Presentation)
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Event Details

Please describe your event in as much detail as possible:
(eg. We have three presenters having a discussion with the audience while presenting a Powerpoint presentation and showing a video followed by a worship team with guitar, piano and 3 singers. We would like the event to be placed on the website afterwards and 3 DVD sent to us.)

If you agree to all policies and fees that may apply click "Submit Request" to continue.


Before Sending this Form Please Note the Following:
- An event operator is not provided unless specifically requested.
- To request a laptop click here.