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Facility Use Policy


All groups and individuals who have been approved by Administrative Services may use university facilities, with priority being given to those whose activities are directly related to the mission of the university. All such activities must be in harmony with God's work at the university. The name Regent University is to be linked only with those programs clearly endorsed and sponsored by the university. Events are generally considered on a case-by-case basis, with care taken to insure that the event will not interrupt the quiet usage of the library or other spaces by Regent University students and library patrons. Groups or individuals wishing to use the general facility should complete the Outside Group Facility Rental Form. Outside group events may not be scheduled farther in advance than four (4) months as Regent events have priority on all spaces

Outside groups

Outside groups are defined as groups NOT hosted by an on-campus affiliate with objectives that do not directly support the mission of the University. Facility Use charges are incurred for outside group requests, and a Facility Use Agreement signed.

Please note there are certain holidays when Regent's special event departments are unable to support outside group events. For a complete listing, please see our Holiday Blackout Schedule.

No Smoking/No Alcohol/No Drugs Policy

Regent University forbids the use of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco on campus and prohibits the abuse of these substances.

The university does not allow

  • Church groups to use the facilities on a weekly basis for services.
  • Regular room rental with the exception of bar review courses.
  • Wedding ceremonies or receptions, unless completely coordinated and catered by The Founders Inn or Regent Ordinary.
  • Personal parties such as birthday or anniversary parties in any space except the Regent Ordinary.
  • Meetings or events which may reflect poorly on the overall mission of the university.


To secure a room for an outside event, complete the Outside Group Facility Rental Form. If there are questions, you may email or phone 757.352.4008. After permission is granted, a Facility Use Agreement will be prepared for signature. An invoice will be prepared, with payment due and payable to Regent University before the event may commence.

If Housekeeping reports that any group has abused university property, the university has the right to refuse future use by that group.