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Policy for Cross-Registration in the Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Regent University Students

The purpose of cross-registration is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting students at any of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium (VTC) institutions to take courses at any other VTC institution (host institution) yet earn credit for the courses at the student's home institution.

Cross-registration by Regent University students is subject to the following regulations:

  • Students must be in a degree-seeking program and in good academic standing.
  • For undergraduate students, cross-registration credit is limited to 30 credit hours.
  • For graduate students, cross-registration is limited to the total of credit hours that is equal to no more than 25% of a graduate degree's total credit hour requirements.
  • Only regular on-campus credit courses may be taken through the VTC.
  • Courses taken through cross-registration must be on the student's Approved Degree Plan.

Procedure for Registering for a Course in the Consortium

  1. Student picks up VTC registration form from Registrar's Office and reads and signs Regent University VTC Policy.
  2. Student fills out top portion of VTC cross-registration form and notes class(es) student wishes to take.
  3. Student takes VTC cross-registration form to advisor/school for approval.
  4. Student brings form to Regent University Registrar's Office for approval.
  5. Student takes form to host institution for registration on roster and host institution's Registrar's Office approval.
  6. Once fully signed and approved by both institutions, student brings white copy of form back to Regent University Registrar's Office for processing.

The following policies also apply:

  • Students at Regent University may register for courses offered by other VTC institutions by completing a VTC Cross-Registration Form. The Cross-Registration Form must be approved by the student's advisor and the Registrar of Regent University, then must be signed by the Registrar at the host institution (this form is not available online and must be obtained at the Regent University Registrar's Office, SC 218). When necessary, the student must certify that he/she has met course prerequisites.
  • When a student enrolled at Regent University cross-registers to a VTC host school, the credit is earned at Regent University and will be so posted on the student's transcript as resident credit. In this instance, the grading system of Regent University will apply to the cross-registered student. Another VTC institution will not issue a transcript to a cross-registered student which it hosts.
  • Tuition will be charged by Regent University for a cross-registered course taken at a VTC host institution. The cross-registrant must assume costs of all transportation, books, materials, lab fees, applied music fees, etc. at the host institution.
  • Normally, the desired course must not be currently available at Regent University.
  • Students will be governed by the administrative rules and regulations of the host institution while in attendance there.
  • No changes or corrections can be made on the Student Cross-Registration Form.
  • Cross Registered Student must follow the drop/withdrawal regulations at both the host institution and Regent University.

To contact the Consortium directly:

Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education Opens in a new browser window
1417 43rd Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0293
Phone: 757.683.3183
Fax: 757.683.4515

Graduate students interested in cross-registration may contact the Registrar's Office at 757.352.4045.

Undergraduate students interested in cross-registration may contact Erica LeMelle at 757.352.4778.