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Graduate Registration

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For a two-week period, beginning on the first day of the university-defined term or the start of each 8-week session, students may add or drop classes and receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. This two-week period is defined as the university's authorized add/drop period.

Students may change their class schedules online via GENISYS until the day before the start of the term.* (Law students are issued a "time-ticket" for their online registration period.) Once the term begins, students must complete the online Add/Drop Form to request schedule changes. Student registration changes made after the add/drop period are subject to the following refund provisions (except for courses described in the note above):

  • No refunds after the start of the third week of the university-defined term or 8-week session
  • Courses dropped after week one will appear on the student's transcript with a "W" or "WF" grade

*In instances where courses are significantly concentrated (i.e. summer course with fewer class meeting dates) or are in a modular format, students must receive the dean's approval for add/drop if the course has already started. Such courses may not be subject to the above refund provisions.

Withdrawal from a course may have significant financial aid consequences. Students are responsible for seeking counsel from the Central Financial Aid Office.

Course lab fees are non-refundable after the second week of classes (first week of summer sessions). If necessary, the university reserves the right to make adjustments in charges and refunds.

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Wait Listing
Any eligible student wishing to enroll in a course that has reached its authorized capacity may add him/herself to the waitlist for one or more sections of that course via the Genisys registration module. Students with administrative or academic holds should contact their Academic Advisor for registration assistance.

Please see the University Catalog and Academic Calendars for further information.