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Government, History and Criminal Justice Department

The Department of Government, History and Criminal Justice is more than just a place for you to acquire an education about government. This is a department that is not only academically rigorous and intellectually challenging, but also one that wants to educate students to be discerning Christian thinkers, ardent defenders of truth and justice, and lovers of wisdom in all things political.

Recognizing truth requires selflessness. You have to leave yourself out of it so you can find out the way things are in themselves, not the way they look to you or how you feel about them or how you would like them to be.

Harry G. Frankfurt, Princeton Philosopher
The New York Times Magazine, October 22, 2006

Our students come from all over the United States and share a deep zeal not only to make a powerful difference in their own spheres of influence but also to do so with discernment and wisdom. The Department of Government, History and Criminal Justice educates its students to think and to act as Christian leaders.

The Department of Government, History and Criminal Justice originally started as a Political Science department offering a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. After an extensive program review in 2006, the Department received approval for a name change as well as to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Government beginning in 2007. The Criminal Justice and History programs were launched in 2009. International Studies was added in 2012.

The Department continues to experience steady growth. Its course offerings, talented faculty, and Christian vision attract talented and passionate students. Current and former students within the department have had the opportunity to participate in field trips at local and national organizations, study abroad, serve as interns in Washington D.C., compete in debate, and participate in both local and federal political campaigns. Future strategies for course offerings, cutting-edge programs, and exciting intellectual and curricular experiences will continue to attract future leaders to change the world.

Join us for a tremendous, challenging, and life-changing educational experience.

Stephen M. King, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Government, History and Criminal Justice

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