Global Mental Health Counseling Study Abroad in Uganda

trip dates

October 11-18, 2017

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Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling is delighted to offer a Study Abroad Trip to Uganda, Africa, which will provide Regent counseling students with a cross-cultural counseling experience. It will also provide an opportunity to learn and present on how to effectively integrate Biblical truths into their work as mental health counselors. This experience will advance the mission of Regent University, Christian Leadership to Change the World, by partnering and aiding students on two different continents in two different hemispheres to understand and learn from each other in order to help those who are struggling in regards to mental health. The focus of this conference and the presentations are to build professional competencies as well as learn how to integrate biblical values into the work of a mental health counselor.

Students will receive opportunities to:

  • Present and teach
  • Learn from masters in counseling students attending Ugandan Christian University (UCU)
  • Visit a mental health counseling hospital and an elementary school
  • Present to church and community leaders

Application deadline

July 15, 2017 (including payment and necessary supporting documentation)


Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa,” is a beautiful country with many rivers and lakes, several mountain ranges, jungles, forests, and a wide range of wildlife. It shares Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile and the second largest lake in the world, with Kenya and Tanzania.

Behind the beauty is a country that has suffered much. Although Uganda has been relatively stable since 1986, it still struggles with problems such as poverty, unemployment, famine, land-grabbing, and even child sacrifice. Over half of Uganda’s population is under age 18, with nearly 2 million children orphaned because of either the northern conflict or the AIDS epidemic.

COUN 575-Special Topic: Global Mental Health Counseling (3 credit hours)

Students who participate in the program will be enrolled in this course, which includes Christian integration. It focuses on global mental health issues, with an emphasis on advocacy, marriage counseling and addictions counseling.

Performance & grading

Regular on-time attendance, official visits to legal institutions and associated lectures, and official program activities will be mandatory for all classes. Students will be expected to be prepared for class and participate in it on a daily basis.

Attendance and tardiness may be taken into account in the determination of final grades. Grades also may be adjusted to reflect preparedness for class and participation in it. Additional policies related to attendance and course procedures, including grading procedures and methods, will be provided in the syllabus.


Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate the course, and the Knowledge Exchange Conference, using the standard Regent course online evaluation form. Students will receive an email with instructions on how to submit their evaluations and the program director will provide instructions during the last week of the program.

Admission, Policy & Fees

Admission to the program is on a rolling “first come, first served” basis. Student applications must be completed online and accompanied by a $250 registration fee, due at the time of the application submission. The $250 should be paid online no later than July 15th.

The registration fee is non-refundable except as otherwise noted. If we do not get 10 participants for the trip, your deposit of $250 will be refunded.

Spots are not secure until students have submitted the online registration form, paid the registration fee and good standing has been confirmed. Students will be notified of acceptance by the program director. Students should not assume they have been accepted into the program before they have received official formal notification of acceptance from the program director.

For those not taking the trip for credit (non-students/guests of Regent), the remaining balance of the program travel fee ($1850.00) are due by August 31, 2017. The remaining balance for students taking the trip for credit is by September 1st, 2017 using Regent University’s add/drop deadline.  Payments should be remitted through Genisys, or at Regent’s Business Office on your student account.

To enroll in the program, all Counseling students must be in good standing. Regent M.A. in Counseling alumni are also permitted to enroll in the program. All students must furnish a letter or other documentation from the registrar certifying their current good standing. The application for enrollment is not complete without the letter of good standing. Letters may be mailed to:

GMHC Study Abroad Program
ATTN: Dr. Cyrus Williams, Regent University School of Psychology & Counseling
1000 Regent University Drive, CRB 221
Virginia Beach, VA 23464-9800

Or, e-mailed to

Students are encouraged to consult their faculty advisor before enrolling, but it is not required.

  • Online application
  • Registration fee ($250)
  • Letter/document from registrar certifying good standing

Passport Information

Valid Passports are required for travel in Uganda. Proof of a valid passport must be provided by June 30, 2017. Participants will fly from Norfolk International Airport to Kampala, Uganda.

Tuition & fees

Tuition is charged per credit hour, based on the current Regent School of Psychology and Counseling per credit hour tuition rate. Each student will also be charged an additional program fee for administrative and other costs associated with the program.

Cost: $2100

  • Airfare
  • Travel Visa
  • Lodging (fully furnished living quarters with carpet, AC, TV, pillows, towels, and sheets)
  • Travel to designated sites (coordinated through the on-site program coordinator)
  • Admission to program-sponsored receptions and events (including the Kampala City Tour and entertainment at the Ndere Troupe Center)
  • Access fee for UCU
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals (most)
  • Administrative services

The cost does NOT include*:

  • Some meals
  • Uganda Visa entry fee of $100
  • Cost of vaccinations and/or medications
  • Fees for obtaining or renewing passports and the cost of course materials (if applicable)

*Students will be responsible for meeting these expenses.


Additional personal expenses/incidentals should be minimal and may include purchasing food (such as from the canteen rather than the cafeteria), laundry services, souvenirs, and other possible excursions. Students may have the opportunity to go shopping during the program. Further information regarding cash, exchange rates, credit card usage, and ATM services will be provided closer to the commencement of the program.


In addition to the required yellow fever vaccination, a number of other vaccinations and malaria medication are highly recommended. Students should contact their local health care providers to make sure they have the proper vaccinations for Uganda. For more information about vaccination requirements or health advice related to travel to Uganda, students are encouraged to visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. Information regarding required vaccinations is also available on the U.S. Department of State website.

Health advisory, MEDICAL & travel INSURANCE

Learn about important health advisory details, special accommodations, medical and travel insurance.

Read about the School of Psychology and Counseling’s cancellation, change and refund policies for the study abroad in Uganda program. Using a Regent email address is preferred.


Registration & Payment

Please fill out the following form to register for the study abroad in Uganda program.