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Academic Suspension Plan Agreement

  • Suspension & Grace Details

  • *GPA must be achieved by the end of the final grace semester*
  • Important Notes

    *Continuation of grace status is dependent upon meeting the terms of the academic success plan, including the "successful completion" of all courses. If you fail to meet all terms of the plan in both semesters, your grace status will be terminated at the conclusion of the respective semester and you may be academically dismissed from the university.

    "Successful completion" is defined as credits finished with grades other than an F,I, IP, W, WF, WX, FX, NP, NG, or AU at the time grades are posted for the term being reviewed and/or when the satisfactory academic progress review for the prior term is made. Additionally, students are expected to demonstrate marked progression in their term and cumulative GPAs throughout the course of their academic success plan.

    It may not be possible to meet all requirements of the plan by the end of the grace period if you do not follow the requirements listed. Please consult your academic advisor for more in depth information.

    You must receive academic advisor approval to register for courses.

    Dropped courses while on an academic success plan will severely impact your student status and may result in an immediate academic dismissal. Please consult both the Academic Advising office and the Financial Aid office before dropping any classes.
  • By signing this form I acknowledge that I have reviewed the terms of my academic success plan and will retain a copy for my personal records. I understand that my academic performance must meet (at minimum) the terms outlined within this plan. I understand that failure to meet the terms of my academic success plan may result in an academic dismissal in the future.