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Regent University Newsletter in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Faculty Present Research

It can be easy to get caught up in the job requirements of day-to-day work. Regent University professors took a break to catch one another up on the important topics they research. Friday, Nov. 13, they gathered for fall faculty research presentations. Topics included technology in the classroom and servant leadership.

Professors from Regent’s School of Law (LAW) and Education (SOE) discussed how they integrate technology in their classrooms and how their students are making use of these tools. Law professor Eric DeGroff discussed “The Dynamics of the Contemporary Law School Classroom: Looking at Laptops Through a Learning Style Lens.” SOE professors Dr. Hope Jordan and Dr. Mervyn Wighting examined “Tablet Computing in Teacher Preparation Programs.”

“Some of the research in education tells us that teachers are good with their personal devices, but it’s another leap to take that tablet and match it up with standards-driven classrooms with research-based instruction and assessment, and tie that altogether with what you’re going to use that device for and how you’re going to use it,” said Jordan.

The SOE has reacted to this research by requiring its students to use tablet technology for their own studies and while student-teaching. By requiring students to use a Nook, a less popular tablet, they became more comfortable adapting to new technology. The SOE found that by requiring assignments to be completed on tablets, students were more likely to use tablets with their students in class.

In addition to leading the way in technology integration with learning, Regent professors are making an influence in the area of leadership. Dr. Kathleen Patterson discussed the School of Business & Leadership’s (SBL) servant leadership initiatives. She has been expanding its servant leadership round tables to be held throughout the world with the goal to provide a Christian perspective on the topic.

“It is important for Christians to have a voice in servant leadership research,” said Patterson. “I will tell you from personal experience, Buddhists, Muslims, all want to own this conversation. We’ve got to be excellent as scholars to maintain our voice in what is happening in servant leadership research.”

Faculty research and scholarship presentations are held each semester. The next will be scheduled for the spring.