Donald Trump Selects Regent University for Campaign Rally

Photo courtesy of Eric Lusher.
Photo courtesy of Eric Lusher.

On Saturday, October 22, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump held a campaign rally at Regent University, bringing more than 10,000 guests to the Virginia Beach campus.

“On behalf of Regent University I want to welcome you and the ‘Trump team’ to this plaza on this glorious day,” said Regent Founder, Chancellor and CEO Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson at the event’s opening.

Robertson has explained his desire to expose Regent students to a variety of thought-leaders within the political process. Regent has extended invitations to all presidential candidates on the ballot in Virginia to hold similar rallies on campus in an effort to accomplish this.

Trump reiterated the 100-day plan that he debuted earlier today at Gettysburg. He laid out his plans for cutting taxes “way, way down,” appointing Conservative Supreme Court Justices and a promise for a four-percent growth and one million jobs over a 10-year period.

Trump also stated his plan for rebuilding the “depleted” military.

“We will be a strong nation again,” said Trump “We are going to start with the Navy right here in Virginia Beach as part of our plan to create a 350-ship fleet. Little Creek and Naval Air Station Oceana are going to get a lot busier when I’m president.”

Trump said his administration’s would “cherish and defend faith and religious liberty.” And work to find “peace through strength.”

“You’re going to look back and you’re going to be proud of your country again and hopefully you’re going to be proud of your president, because we will make America wealthy again,” said Trump. “We will make America strong again, we will make America safe again and we will make America great again. God bless you.”

Before Trump’s arrival, former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani greeted the crowd with a plea for a political “change of direction.” He believes this “change” will bring about lower taxes, a stimulated economy, increased jobs and a change in foreign policy.

“[Trump’s] loyalty is to one place and one place alone and that’s to you the people,” said Giuliani. “He will owe his election to the place you’re supposed to: to the people of the United States. Get out there and vote.”

The pre-rally event was emceed by United States Army Major General (Ret). Bert Mizusawa, who introduced guest speakers such as Delegate Glenn Davis; Virginia state Senator Frank Wagner; Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition; Tony Suarez, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; and Virginia Delegate Scott Taylor.

“We need leaders who step up to the fight, leaders who have failed but have gotten back up to succeed,” said Taylor. “We need leaders who have the ability to step up and move toward the fight to get the nation back up and on the right path.”

This was Trump’s second trip to Regent in 2016. In February, he participated in Regent’s Presidential Candidate Forums, where political thought-leaders were invited to participate in a Q&A-style interview with Robertson.

Additional candidates on the forum roster included former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Regent does not support or oppose any candidate for public office. Regent has extended invitations to all presidential candidates on the ballot in Virginia to hold similar rallies on campus.

On Tuesday, October 25, Regent University’s Executive Leadership Series will feature Director, Outreach and International Secretary of the UK Conservative Party Colin Bloom. Each month, Regent’s ELS invites prominent speakers to discuss leadership principles and trends with the Hampton Roads business community.

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