General Education Mobile (GEM) is a partnership between CCAF and Regent University.

General Education Mobile (GEM)

General Education Mobile (GEM) is an educational partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Regent University that offers general education courses in order to meet CCAF A.A.S. degree requirements via mobile (distance) educational means. Regent offers convenient 8-week online courses.

For CCAF students who only want to take general education courses from Regent University, there is a shorter, easier and less expensive application process Regent has developed for GEM students through our Professional Development Program

  • Apply today for GEM Courses
    • Use the link above to start an online application. For degree type for GEM, select “Certificate or Non-Degree (Online)” or “Certificate or Non-Degree (On Campus).” For program of interest, select “Undergraduate Professional Development.


  • Must have completed a high school diploma or equivalent


  • The deadline for the completed application will be 2 weeks prior to the start of any session.


  • Tuition Assistance typically covers 100% of tuition up to a $250 cap per credit hour.
  • Regent University offers active-duty military personnel a discounted tuition rate of $250 per credit hour.

Current GEM Course Offering

Check out our Current Course Schedule for start dates.

Oral Communication
Course Code – Title Unit Type #Units
COMM110 – Public Speaking SEMESTER HOUR 3
Written Communication
Course Code – Title Unit Type #Units
ENGL101 – English Composition SEMESTER HOUR 3
ENGL102 – Research & Academic Writing SEMESTER HOUR 3
Course Code – Title Unit Type #Units
MATH101 – Mathematics for Liberal Arts SEMESTER HOUR 3
MATH102 – College Algebra SEMESTER HOUR 3
MATH211 – Calculus I SEMESTER HOUR 4
MATH220 – Discrete Mathematics SEMESTER HOUR 3
Social Science
Course Code – Title Unit Type #Units
ECON101 – Introduction to Economics SEMESTER HOUR 3
ECON120 – Microeconomics SEMESTER HOUR 3
GEOG101 – World Geography SEMESTER HOUR 3
GOVT196 – Intro to the Study of Government SEMESTER HOUR 3
GOVT220 – Comparative Politics SEMESTER HOUR 3
HIST201 – U.S. History I (to 1877) SEMESTER HOUR 3
HIST202 – U.S. History II (from 1877) SEMESTER HOUR 3
PSYC102 – Introduction to Psychology SEMESTER HOUR 3
HIST211 – World History I SEMESTER HOUR 3
HIST212 – World History II SEMESTER HOUR 3
Course Code – Title Unit Type #Units
GENE – Art & Culture SEMESTER HOUR 3
SPAN101 – Introductory Spanish I SEMESTER HOUR 3
ENGL203 – Literature of the United States: Civil War through the 21st Century SEMESTER HOUR 3
ENGL211 – British Literature: Middle Ages through the 18th Century SEMESTER HOUR 3
FREN101 – Introductory French I SEMESTER HOUR 3


Degree Seeking Students

CCAF students desiring to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Regent University should submit a regular application for admission.