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an nurse helping a woman walk with a walker.

How Can I Become a Nursing Home Administrator?

Projected to add nearly 1.9 million jobs by 2028, the healthcare industry is a promising field that seeks the betterment of society. Readily available care, more affordable medicine, healthier people – these are all results of the advances of modern medicine. And with that, we are seeing higher life expectancy, which accounts for an intensified demand for nursing home care in the United States.

This also means a rise in the need for nursing home administrators.

Some of the best nursing home administrators are those who have recognized the need to bring innovation, business savvy and compassion to the senior. What also sets nursing home administrators apart is their responsibility to the residents and their families – personally ensuring that their older loved ones are receiving the proper care.

Ultimately, nursing home administrators oversee a mission to ensure their facility is operating smoothly. They give oversight to the day’s routine and schedule, work directly with patients at times, build business and marketing strategies, and control decisions that affect the bottom line of the facility.

It is a career path that is demanding yet equally rewarding, as administrators need to be accustomed to managing others, be effective team leaders, understand healthcare operations, and make tactical business decisions without compromising care.

Because of the need for more nursing home administrators, those going into the field are may quickly earn a salary upwards of six figures a year.

Where do you begin acquiring the right tools? Earning a B.S. in Healthcare Management is a practical starting point, with an MBA a smart next step for career advancement. This will help ensure that you gain essential expertise and leadership qualities necessary for the job.

Here are a few steps you need to take before becoming a nursing home administrator.

  1. Assess your aptitude for business and organizational leadership.
  2. Factor in your level of passion to innovate and bring excellence to an increasingly important sector.
  3. Consider your level of compassion for the senior population and their care.
  4. Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees from an accredited university.


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