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Matthew Pevarnik, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Science & Mathematics757.352.4750

Matthew Pevarnik, Ph.D.


Dr. Pevarnik grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He then went from coast to coast to coast, landing back on the eastern seaboard at Regent University in the fall of 2016. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California, Irvine and then moved up the coast to the University of California, Santa Barbara to do postdoctoral research in a bioengineering research group. When not in the classroom, he has a passion for studying and applying the physics behind complex biological processes to benefit human health in a number of different ways. In the classroom, he can be found playing with magnets and electricity or perhaps bungee jumping dinosaurs from the balcony of the Administration building! Outside of his passion for physics, he also is working on big questions like how should we think about the hand of God in light of modern science or how can we bridge the growing gap between faith and reason?


  • Pevarnik, M., The Reformation’s Impact on Modern Cosmogony and the Glory of God. Reformation 500 Conference. Regent University, 2017.
  • Pevarnik, M.; Cui, W.; Yemenicioglu, S.; Rofeh, J.; Theogarajan, L., Solid-State Nanopore Based Biomimetic Voltage Gated Ion Channels. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 2017.
  • Pevarnik, M.; Healy, K.; Davenport, M.; Yen, J.; Siwy, Z. S., A Hydrophobic Entrance Enhances Ion Current Rectification and Induces Dewetting in Asymmetric Nanopores. Analyst, 2012.


Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society