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The chapel and Divinity Building of Regent, a top Virginia Beach college.
Douglas H. Cook, J.D.
Senior Associate DeanProfessor, Government & Criminal Justice757.352.4331More about Douglas H. Cook, J.D.

Douglas H. Cook, J.D.


Senior Associate Dean Doug Cook was born and raised in Ohio and earned his J.D. with honors from The Ohio State University College of Law. After practicing law in Arizona, he moved to Virginia Beach in 1987 to join the College of Law & Government faculty at CBN University, now Regent University. Cook taught and researched in the areas of tort law, nonprofit organizations, contracts, criminal law, and commercial law. He served as associate dean for Academic Affairs for the law school from 1999 to 2014.

In 2014, Cook joined the university’s Office of Academic Affairs as associate vice president, remaining there until 2019 when he transitioned to the College of Arts & Sciences. The Robertson School of Government is now honored to have Cook serve as its senior associate dean in addition to his faculty position in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Cook also has a part-time law practice with Davis Law Group in Chesapeake, Virginia. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Carole; they have four children and 12 grandchildren. Cook enjoys hiking, running, yard work, and travel.


J.D., with honors, Ohio State University College of Law

B.A., magna cum laude, Miami University


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Newspaper and Periodical Articles

Does a Minister Have Legal Rights? , (co-authored with Carroll D. Stevens) Pulpit Digest (July/Aug. 1997).


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