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Regent Law Faculty Achievements – August 24, 2017

Regent University’s School of Law Faculty members willingly share their knowledge and expertise beyond the classroom to spark scholarly debate and advance the practice of law. Their latest endeavors include the following.

Dean Michael Hernandez’s article entitled In Defense of Pluralism: Religiously Affiliated Law Schools, Olympianism, and Christophobia, was, for most of the summer, at the top of the list for recent downloads in four of the categories below: CHR: Christian Culture (Topic) – Forthcoming Top Ten, Christianity eJournal – Forthcoming Top Ten, REL Subject Matter eJournals Top Ten and Religious Studies Research Network Top Ten.

Professor Lou Hensler has sent out for publication and posted The Legal Significance of the ‘Natural Affection’ of Charlie Gard’s Parents.

Associate Professor Kathleen McKee was appointed to the Tidewater Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking, where she will be serving on the legal issues subcommittee, connecting her with more state government external experiential opportunities for our students. Kathleen McKee was also among top authors for downloads over the last 12 months, and you can see her work here.

Professor Craig Stern’s work was among the most downloaded on SSRN for the last four months.

Professor James Duane’s work has also continued to be among the most downloaded.

The Center for Ethical Formation was nominated for the ABA Gambrell Award. While it was not selected, that nomination raised CEFLER’s profile with the ABA.

Professor Jeff Brauch recently had two articles published: “The Destructive Reach of Human Trafficking – and God’s Call to His People,” 13 Christian Lawyer 6 (2017), and “Three Role Models of Leadership for the Law School Dean,” 48 Toledo Law Review 205 (2017) which I’m sure you’ll find on SSRN soon here.

Associate Professor Bradly Jacob has continued to have many outstanding radio appearances, a couple of which can be found here on “Let’s Talk With Mark Elfstrand” (; and here.

Professor Lynn Marie Kohm has a new publication entitled Can a dead hand from the grave protect the kids from darling daddy or Mommie Dearest? scheduled to be published at 31 Quinnipiac Probate L. J. 1 (forthcoming Nov. 2017). An additional article was posted to her SSRN page, The Intersection of Family Law and Immigration: Virginia and the Big Picture, 60 Virginia Lawyer 34 (Feb. 2012) because it continues to be requested by practicing colleagues.

Senior Lecturer Tom Folsom served on a panel at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) on Digital Pressures in Intellectual Property Law.

Assistant Professor Caleb Griffin sent out his first article for publication, How Innovations in Corporate Law and Policy Promote or Undermine Shareholder Rights, which he presented at SEALS this summer. He also presented at the University of Kentucky new scholars workshop.

Professor Ben Madison was a presenter at SEALS on Teaching Fundamentals I: Designing an Effective Law School Course or Seminar. He also presented at the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (ITL) at the U. of Arkansas at Little Rock, entitled “The heart of ABA 302: Teaching millennials law with moral formation,” for the William H. Bowen School of Law’s Conference, “Teaching Cultural Competency and Other Professional Skills.”

Regent Law continues to increase its impact as indicated by its upward movement to #123 in the SSRN law school download rankings over the last year.