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Delinquent Account Information

Unresolved accounts after the end of the appropriate payment deadline will be assessed a $100 late fee. Settlement of a student’s account includes either payment in full or use of a university-endorsed payment plan. Students who have not satisfied all payment requirements by the end of the add/drop period may be administratively dropped from courses for non-payment.

A Business Office Hold will be placed on the academic records of present and former students who have an outstanding account balance with the University. Such individuals will not be allowed to register for classes nor will any academic documentation or information (i.e., grades, transcripts, diplomas, etc.) be released to them until the financial obligation has been paid in full.

If the balance is paid with cash, cashiers or certified check, or credit card, the Business office Hold will be lifted within 24 business hours. If a former balance is paid with a personal check, the hold will remain on the account for 10 business days or until notification is provided that the funds have cleared the bank.

Please Note: It is each student’s responsibility to stay informed of all registration and fee payment deadlines. Payment deadlines are posted on the Business Office websiteUniversity Academic Calendar and University Catalog.

A returned check fee of $30.00 will be assessed for all payments returned from the bank to the University for any reason, including entering incorrect account and routing numbers for an electronic payment. If a payment is not honored by your financial institution and returned to the University, you will be notified by the Business Office in writing. The full amount of the original payment plus the $30 fee is due within 5 days of notification of the returned item. A Business Office Hold will be placed on your student account until your account is current.

The University will not accept a personal check from anyone who has previously presented two or more checks that were returned for any reason. A series of returned payments may result in the account being sent to Collections.

If you are unsure why your payment was returned, please contact your financial institution for details.

It is important for students who owe a balance on their student account to keep the Business Office informed of any change in email, address, telephone number, etc. The Business Office will make several attempts to work directly with the student in arranging an automatic bank draft repayment plan of the unresolved account balance. However, i f the internal collection process does not produce satisfaction of the debt or satisfactory payment arrangements, this may result in the account being reported to an outside collection agency. If an account is assigned to an outside collection agency, the student will be responsible to pay any reasonable collection fees and/or legal fees associated with the collection of the amount owed to the University as agreed to in the Financial Obligation Note every student signs. Once an account has been assigned to a collection agency, the student will need to contact the agency directly for payment arrangements.

The first letter is typically mailed to the student’s permanent address within 6 weeks of the conclusion of the semester in which the debt is owed. The first letter states that the student has a past due balance and it must be resolved. The second letter is a demand for payment and a final notification that the account will be assigned to an outside collection agency in 30 days from the date of the letter if payment is not received in full.

If you have a past due balance from a prior semester and are unable to submit payment in full, please contact the Business Office to set up a Tuition Installment Plan. Failure to pay will result in the account being placed with our outside collection agency for final collection action. This action can be avoided by staying in contact with our office and making satisfactory arrangements to pay outstanding obligations.

Please contact the Business Office by calling 757.352.4059 or emailing