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Meet Your Campus: 4 Regent Spots Then and Now

Regent University stands on what was once a humble soybean farm; that’s right — a forty-some acre plot of forest and fields. Just over forty years ago, that field began shaping up as a college campus.

Now, it’s an exciting, brick-paved campus, full of Neo-Georgian buildings and exciting programs, bubbling with vibrant student life.

We hope this unique glimpse into the past will provide you a greater appreciation for four spots on the campus you’ll be calling home soon. They have changed so much from then to now.

The Library

If you’ve ever toured campus, it may be hard to recognize the partially completed building in this photo.

Bereft of a brick face, the open-air gap reveals the metal structure of one of Regent’s largest buildings. Inside, you’ll find not only books, but a host of resources — like the writing and math labs — that are here to help you be a better student.

A photograph of the Regent University library under construction. The Regent University library.

Robertson Hall

It’s a wonder what some foliage can do.

Chances are, you’ll find yourself in a Robertson classroom at some point in your time at Regent. Home to the Robertson School of Government and Regent’s School of Law, the building also contains a court room for mock trial competitions and offices for Campus Ministries.

An old photograph of Regent University's Robertson Hall. Regent University's Robertson Hall, Virginia Beach.

Admin Building

Regent founder, chancellor & CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson delivers an address to a graduating class of a past era on the steps of the administration building in this photo. The building, one of first three buildings to occupy the campus, sits directly opposite its nearly identical sister building: The Classroom Building. Dubbed the “CB” by students and faculty, the Classroom Building contains a biophysical science lab, complete with touch-screen displays, microscopes, and a plethora of other state-of-the-art equipment.

A photograph of Regent University's founder Dr. Robertson delivering an address to a graduating class on the steps of the administration building. The Administration Building, Regent University, Virginia Beach.

Library Balcony

It’s a long way down from here. And it’s come a long way too.

Ok, so we already mentioned the Library. Regardless, this spot had to go on this list. A prime study area, the library’s third-floor balcony is open and filled with plenty of natural light, couches, and tables. Below is the second-floor balcony, and beyond, the library’s atrium, a room used for a variety of functions and events. Work in progress: Regent University's library balcony. Regent University library’s third-floor balcony.