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His search for a Christian university led Luke Isbell to Regent.

Christian Leaders to Change the World – Q&A with Student Luke Isbell

When Luke Isbell ’20 began his college search, finding a Christian university was his top priority. His belief that Christian leaders need to have a big impact on the world led him to Regent University. Isbell is now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences. Originally, Isbell’s plan was to pursue a degree and career in film because of his love for telling stories, but he made the decision to switch to International Studies when he realized he wanted not just to tell people’s stories, but to be an advocate and beacon for people. In addition to being a member of the Honors Program at Regent, Isbell serves as a resident assistant and as a member of the College Student Leadership Board.

Q: What attracted you to Regent? Did you choose Regent over other schools?

A: I was looking for a film school that taught from a Christian worldview. I was flipping through a Christian college magazine and came across an ad for Regent. When I read Regent’s motto, “Christian Leadership to Change the World,” I was instantly struck that these are the words God had almost verbatim laid on my heart. The campus looked gorgeous, so I knew I had to come visit. When I did, it was blue skies, the birds were singing, I met a bunch of amazing people and had a stellar experience. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. I was sure after that that this is where I was supposed to be.

Q: Did you receive scholarships when you came to Regent?

A: After my initial visit, I applied for and was accepted to Scholars Weekend. Through that competition, I met some amazing people and earned a scholarship. I also heard about the Honors Program at Scholars Weekend and that comes with additional scholarships. I also received one-time scholarships through referrals and things like that. But Scholars Weekend and the Honors Program are what made it possible for me to come to Regent.

Q: How has your experience in the Honors Program been so far?

A: I have loved every minute of the Honors Program. It has been everything that I have wanted it to be from the outset. I learn much better in classrooms where you really get a lot of time to talk through the material, to bring original and authentic ideas before the class and other people and the professor, and you are able to pick the professors brain.

Q: What areas are you involved in at Regent?

A: I am a resident assistant. I am also a representative on our student government in the College Student Leadership Board. Both of those have been wonderful leadership experiences that have looked good on resumes and opened a lot of doors to meet different people. During my freshman year I was a campus ministry apprentice. I love campus ministry, especially UnChapel. Throughout the year I’ve found it a really encouraging time that fills you up in the middle of the week and you get to worship God together with your peers and learn more about God together. Regent just comes alive when the weather is beautiful and there are events outside. The community that we have here is because of how intentional every part of the school is to have events to reach out to one another not just from a business or scholarship stand point but because we are brothers and sisters in Christ and we want to get to know you, even if we have different majors.

Q: What stands out to you from your time at Regent?

A: One thing that has continually surprised me has been the willingness of faculty members to take you under their wing and really spend time with you to help you get better and help you improve your skills … I wanted to create that kind of community on campus. It’s one of the reasons I’m an RA and involved in what I do. I want to propagate these amazing things about Regent and make them even better among the student body.

Q: What would you say to prospective students considering Regent?

A: I came to Regent because I saw people here that were truly pursuing God, and I wanted to know how to do that myself. I saw people who were going to be open and genuine with me and push me and teach me and walk alongside me. That is the norm at Regent, and I wanted to be a part of that.

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