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Augmented Reality apps have been gaining attention for their ability to engage students.

Augmented Reality Apps and Why You Should Use Them

The goal of every educator is to capture their students’ attention, provide a lesson that they will retain, and inspire them to think differently about the world. These goals are at the foundation of every lesson and lecture. The way teachers implement this vision comes in various forms through hands-on learning experiences, reading materials, projects, and with technology. Technology has been making huge strides in education because it is the perfect tool for teachers to use to fulfill their teaching mission. While there are multiple ways to implement technology into the classroom, Augmented Reality apps have been getting a lot of attention for their ability to engage students with the world in a way that is educational and imaginative.

Augmented Reality as a teaching tool

Augmented Reality allows teachers to extend the physical world with virtual overlay. By scanning a trigger — any recognizable image or icon — a digital overlay onto the real world allows a new layer of information to appear. The information could link to a web site, an audio recording, a video, or even a 3D model. As the technology of Augmented Reality advances, educators are realizing the potential it has for their classroom. By incorporating technology and the physical world, students can gain knowledge in an exciting, new way. With Augmented Reality in the classroom, lessons really do come to life.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Classroom:

  • Capture your students’ attention
  • Students can participate
  • Students can gain a better understanding of the concepts and principles they are learning
  • Portable and less expensive learning materials; you do not have to invest in physical materials
  • Students will retain more knowledge for a longer period — it creates a complete learning cycle
  • Students will be excited by new ideas and think differently about the world around them
  • Let your students’ imaginations run wild


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