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Regent offers law degree programs online and on campus in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

3 Ways Your Law Degree Can Make a Difference

Not all law degree programs will land you in a courtroom. You can apply a law degree to a wide spectrum of careers, whether you want to work in the nonprofit sector, for a corporation, a municipality or civil works center, even a ministry.

Here are three ways a law degree could help make a big difference for you.

A Sounder Grasp

The laws that govern our land affect every individual, business, organization, and entity in some way, whether directly or indirectly. A law degree offers a foundation in how law impacts society and in what ways it helps society function.

Understanding legal principles allows you to provide a relevant, fuller scope of information and expertise in your organization. It can help you see things in a way others do not, give you an edge in functions from human resources to contract negotiations, and make you stronger at what you do, not to mention help others be better in their work, too.

Enhanced Understanding Means Enhanced Value

Understanding legal systems, theories, and practices makes you more valuable to your organization, especially in industries such as healthcare, financial management, and security. Understanding the nuanced relationship between your organization and the laws that impact it can take you even further.

This advancement of knowledge might mean a boost in salary and also in exciting new career paths.

Happy where you’re at but interested in adding even more value? Your law-based knowledge could set you up with greater expertise as a critical decision-maker – one who can insightfully evaluate both the possible benefits and pitfalls of a new organizational structure.

Civil Engagement

A government “by the people and for the people” means people like you are involved in it, voicing their beliefs and helping to bring about change as well as defend values.

A law degree will allow you to make the most of participating in civics. You don’t have to run for a position on your state legislature to make your experience count. As a student, parent, and someone’s neighbor, you’ll become a more informed and knowledgeable source of insight.

Should you feel called to step in to a role as a civil servant on a local or national level, a law degree will only benefit you.

Next Steps

Regent University School of Law offers the M.A. in Law, M.A. in Financial Planning & Law, and LL.M. online. You can also choose the on-campus Juris Doctor degree program, available as a traditional three-year J.D., or as a part-time or accelerated program. If you’re interested, reach out to our admissions team at 800.373.5504, or explore law degree programs online.