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Professor's Oxford Caucus Develops Scholars

By Julia Mattera, School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship | May 13, 2011

For Regent Professor Dr. Paul Carr, higher education is more than teaching students to consume existing knowledge. It is engaging students in academic endeavors so that they will begin the process of becoming producers of new knowledge—scholars in their respective fields.

As a means of developing students to become leading scholars, Carr hosts the annual Autonomous Learning World Caucus (ALWC) at Exeter College and Linton Lodge at Oxford University. Recently, he held his eighth caucus and welcomed 27 distinguished scholars and students to this invitation-only event.

"When these doctoral students interact on a daily basis with the scholars who are active in conducting research and publishing the current literature, they become colleagues and, in essence, mentors and protégés during this process," noted Carr.

The 15 Regent doctoral students who attended the ALWC presented their research and lines of thought, which may eventually lead to a doctoral dissertation topic or contribute to their overall understanding of the constructs.

During the ALWC, doctoral student Paula Tucker was awarded the Confessore Award for Academic Excellence. Additionally, doctoral candidate Keith Clayton and recent graduate Dr. Sharon Norris were inducted as Beta Phi Fellows into the Fellows of the Beta Phi Society. The awards were presented during a tea ceremony at the High Table of Exeter College.

Other events included a meeting of The Order of The Bird and Baby, which took place at The Eagle and Child where C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien engaged in dialogue and took their meals. During the meeting, Dr. Mike Ponton, professor in Regent's School of Education, shared about the significance of Oxford University and the profound significance of the Oxford tradition as it relates to the academy of today.

The underlying message of the ALWC is to revisit the enormity of thinking, learning and mentoring from a Christ-centered perspective, which simply enhances life and allows doctoral students to become scholars instead of simply getting a doctoral degree.

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