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Organizational Leadership Program Concludes in Ecuador

| March 30, 2011

Quito program participants
Photo courtesy of Regent's Office of Global Affairs

On Friday, March 25, ninety-eight Ecuadorian leaders successfully completed the International Certificate in Organizational Leadership conducted by Regent University's School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship (GLE). Offered in Ecuador, the program was sponsored and administered by Regent's Office of Global Affairs (OGA) in partnership with Universidad Tecnologica Indomerica (UTI).

GLE professors, graduate students and alumni served as program instructors. "This is part of a service learning abroad program launched by the OGA," explained Dr. Sergio Matviuk, Regent's executive director of global affairs. "Regent is determined to create professional opportunities for faculty and students to develop their global competences. For this reason, OGA—in conjunction with schools—is creating these types of programs where our faculty and students have the opportunity to serve professionally by teaching or rendering consulting services and simultaneously interacting with people from other cultures and languages. This increases their global competence."

The program was offered and delivered at two locations: UTI's Quito Campus and UTI's Ambato Campus. Program participants included organizational and business leaders, higher education administrators and professors, members of the Ecuadorian parliament and Ecuador's federal police senior leaders.

The eight Regent instructors who participated in the program returned enriched and impacted by this experience. "It was a rewarding experience and I would encourage others to invest their time—you will receive much more than you give," said Dr. Kathleen Paterson, GLE associate professor who taught Ethical Values and Principles in Strategic Leadership.

David Gray, a doctoral candidate who taught Theory and Practice of Leadership, said, "the interaction with students brought to life many of the nuances of culture differences one can read about in sources like Hofstede [an influential Dutch sociologist who studied interactions between national cultures and organizational cultures]. However, what one learns in one's course work cannot compare to the learning provided in the living moment."

Dr. Richard Boorom '09 (GLE), who taught Strategic Leadership of Individuals and Teams, observed how Regent is making an impact globally through this program. "Many participants stated that a Christ-centered leader would transform their country," he explained. "I was blessed to have the opportunity to represent Regent in Ecuador." "The experience was great," said Dr. Merlin Switzer '10 (GLE). "[I] look forward to more opportunities to serve in other countries."

"These service learning abroad programs have two goals," Matviuk said. "On one hand Regent expands its presence and operations globally, and on the other hand Regent's faculty members have a chance to develop their global competencies by serving abroad and being exposed to other cultures and systems."

Graduation ceremonies for this program were held in Quito and Ambato. Regent President Carlos Campo served as keynote speaker.

Similar training programs in other academic disciplines are being discussed with UTI for 2011 and 2012.

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