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Regent University Presents Award to First Lady of Peru

| October 9, 2007

Pilar Nores de Garcia, the wife of Peruvian President Alan Garcia

Pilar Nores de Garcia, the wife of Peruvian President Alan Garcia, received a leadership award from the Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship (GLE) during a visit to the campus on Monday, October 8.

At a luncheon honoring her, Mrs. Garcia received the Leadership Development Award that recognizes her vision for the development of leadership and entrepreneurship in Peru. GLE Dean Dr. Bruce Winston, CBN President Michael Little, GLE distinguished professor and former president of the university Dr. David Gyertson, and GLE's Director of the Doctor of Strategic Leadership Program Dr. Sergio Matviuk presented the award to the First Lady.

With a long history of community service, Mrs. Garcia has a special interest in economic development. In 2002, the First Lady established the Instutituto Trabajo y Familia to work with youth involved in urban violence in Lima. In 2006, the institute began implementing the Sembrando (which means "Sowing in Peru") program to promote the development of extremely poor high-Andean communities while respecting their traditions.

"The people in these communities are far removed from the means of education," she said during a taping of Regent's Entrepreneur's Guild, which was part of her visit to the campus. "They live in extreme poverty, and we're helping to meet the most basic needs."

Sembrando seeks to work with more than 5,000 communities representing more than one million families. Its objectives are to foster productive and social development including reducing infant malnutrition; strengthening communities in both urban and rural areas; providing legal, technical and administrative advice; reducing unemployment, extreme poverty and family disintegration; and preparing citizens to work in a competitive world as leaders with entrepreneurial capabilities.

"As a private organization, Sembrando is very efficient in terms of resources and number of people reached," Mrs. Garcia said. "We want to be efficient and effective so that poverty is reduced."

During her visit to the campus, the First Lady met with Regent students and faculty in a variety of settings. Her visit was hosted by the GLE, which has undertaken an extensive entrepreneurship development project in Peru.

Following a meeting with Peruvian President Garcia in 2006, Regent GLE developed a training program to be administered over the next several months on-site in Peru. The first module was initiated at the end of August and enrolled more than 3,400 young Peruvian entrepreneurs. This national training program, called "The Kingdom Entrepreneurs," has been designed specifically for young adults interested in entrepreneurship and individuals planning to launch new business initiatives as a way of overcoming the country's unemployment rate and slow micro economic development.

Regent's GLE provides a unique platform for preparing today's leaders--emphasizing innovation, excellence and the impact of biblical principles in the ever-changing global and technological climates of today's world.

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