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Gyertson Encourages Life-long Learning

By Elizabeth Heiss | January 14, 2011

Dr. David Gyertson

Drawing from his own experiences and the lessons learned along the way, Dr. David Gyertson, distinguished professor in the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, addressed the Regent University School of Undergraduate Studies on Tuesday, Jan. 11.

Speaking at the monthly Undergraduate Assembly, Gyertson's talk was titled, "Walking Worthy of Our High Calling: A Personal Journey."

"This is an exciting time for Regent University," said Gyertson, praising the appointment of Dr. Carlos Campo to the office of university president, as well as the expansion of the student body, noting the tremendous growth in the School of Undergraduate Studies. "Undergraduates are becoming the solid foundation for the future of Regent."

Recognizing the excitement and new growth, he encouraged the students to pursue truth and knowledge anchored in love while in school. "Knowledge is power," he said. "But for us, knowledge is anchored in love, and knowledge is a means of expressing love. If students who leave Regent do not go out and serve the community, then we have will have utterly failed," he said.

Gyertson also spoke about the importance of the renewed mind in academic pursuit and spiritual life. "To pursue truth to its ultimate end, we need renewed minds and like-minded fellowship. Becoming a disciple of Christ is a head-first endeavor." He admitted his own struggle to succeed in these areas. Study and intellectual pursuit did not always come easily to Gyertson. He shared with students his struggle as a young man with poor grades and feelings of worthlessness. At one time, even his guidance counselor encouraged him to drop out of school early to join the workforce. But while he was in divinity school, he realized, "God turned on a learning light in my head."

"Life-long learning," said Gyertson, "is uncovering and discovering the ways of God. We discover the beauty of the Lord in various disciplines. [Christian students] need to study not just scriptures, but beyond scriptures to discover Christ at work in the world and in culture," he said. "This is the wonderful adventure of the life of the mind."

Gyertson served as president of Regent University from 1991-1993. Before returning to Regent's faculty in 2005, he was the president of Asbury College and Taylor University. He has hosted a nationally syndicated religious news program, sits on numerous executive boards and is a highly sought after business and ministry consultant.

Undergraduate Assemblies provide a forum for undergraduate students to consider and reflect on transformational ideas provided by Christian scholars and thinkers. They aim to create an environment of intellectual, spiritual and character development that will provide a strong foundation for 21st-century service and leadership.

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