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WallBuilders President Speaks at Regent University Chapel

| September 20, 2007

David Barton

The general principles of American independence reflect the general principles of Christianity, according to author and historian David Barton. Barton, president of the organization WallBuilders—whose mission is to rebuild America's moral, religious and constitutional foundation—was recently the featured chapel speaker at Regent University.

Barton addressed the current trend in courts to separate religion and morality from the government, mainly through claims that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are godless documents. To counter this trend, Barton closely studies often-overlooked facts that tie the religious roots of the majority of our founding fathers to the founding of our nation.

"American Exceptionalism [shows the] exceptional position of Americans as different from every other government," Barton said. The biblical principles integrated into the Constitution and Declaration of Independence mark ideas unparalleled in the history of the world, according to Barton. These principles mark our success as a nation, he added.

"Look at our foundation and belief system and it makes sense why we only have had one revolution," Barton said.

To back up his claims, Barton produced original handwritten documents that link the Christian roots of founding fathers to the construction of American government. He also cited statistics that reveal the Bible as the number one source used for framing the Constitution, contributing more than 34 percent to political quotes.

Barton closed by restating the importance of not separating Christianity from American government.

"When [Jefferson] said to separate church and state he linked it to a free exercise clause, which means that the government won't stop church activity & yet the court reversed his intent." Barton said he hopes to educate students across the nation to restore proper perspective on the issue of integrating morality back into the government.

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