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Regent Named Graduate Partner for National Hispanic Organization

By Judy Baker, APR | December 10, 2009

L-R: Jose Gonzalez, Regent's first Latin American graduate, Regent President-elect Dr. Carlos Campo and NHCLC President Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

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Regent University has signed an agreement with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) that positions the university as the graduate educational strategic partner for the NHCLC. This agreement makes Regent the only Christian university with this designation.

"Regent University historically stands as the flagship for high quality, Christian, graduate education with a renewal emphasis," said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the NHCLC. "As a leading graduate university in the world for the Spirit-filled community — which is the fastest growing religious demographic in America, Africa and Latin America — Regent University stands poised to lead in equipping and preparing Christian leaders of the 21st century."

Rev. Rodriguez added that the NHCLC, the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, the Hispanic Mega Church Association, The National Hispanic Pentecostal Congress and the Hispanic Bishop's Council, "hereby recognize Regent University as our strategic Graduate School Partner and we hereby endorse the university as the Christian graduate institution for the over 20 million Hispanics that according to Pew Research, embrace the Charismatic Christian experience."

Regent's Founder, President and Chancellor, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson, said that Regent's mission has always focused on "Christian Leadership to Change the World." Robertson added: "We are and have been committed to helping Latino students reach their full potential as leaders," Robertson says. "By partnering with NHCLC, Regent University solidifies our long-standing support for Hispanic students. We trust and pray that this partnership will bring forth much fruit and help shape America's future."

NHCLC will also be a founding member in Regent University's Center for Latino Leadership's "Take Two 2 College" campaign, which will ask colleges and universities to partner with churches, groups and individuals to "Take 2" Hispanic students into higher education through sponsorship and mentoring support.

"This partnership has a dual benefit," explained Dr. Carlos Campo, Regent's president-elect. "It will encourage Hispanic graduate students to further their calling to become 'Christian Leaders to Change the World' and enable us to merge our efforts to combat the alarming decline in the number of Hispanics — especially Hispanic men in America — who enroll in a college or university."

According to Campo, "Christian institutions must reach out to Hispanic young people in America and convince them of the value of higher education — particularly Christian higher ed. If students are choosing not to enroll in colleges and universities, we have to take some responsibility and ensure we are delivering an experience that is worth their time and money," Campo said. "We all know that education is the primary gateway to a number of opportunities, and Hispanic young people must be informed about choices they make today that will impact their future and our country's future."

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