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Making a Case for Healing and Miracles

By Brett Wilson | April 8, 2013

Randy Clark shares his own story of healing during his visit to Regent University.

"I'll never forget my first sermon; it was only 11 minutes long," said international speaker and author, Randy Clark. "And two minutes of that were tears, so it was really only nine minutes."

But, what began as a string of mere nine-minute sermons, soon turned into a full-blown ministry, Clark told Regent University students, faculty and staff on Thursday, April 4. In 1994, Clark's sermons and impact began to expand as he founded Global Awakening, a ministry with a central mission to equip those involved with becoming "fire-lighters, vision casters and bridge builders."

Shortly before he began Global Awakening, Clark recalls a moment in his life when he distinctly heard the voice of God telling him that the "issue" of his life would be the Holy Spirit. Through that calling, Clark's mission has evolved into bringing the knowledge and impartation of the Holy Spirit to those he speaks to.

"I remember thinking, 'if that's what Christianity is, I want it,'" said Clark.

Clark—being the first in his family to pursue an education beyond the eighth grade—works hard in his vocation as both a speaker and a student. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree from United Theological Seminary.

And although, upon his admission into the doctoral program, he was offered the chance to merely add a few footnotes to his book, There is More: A Case for Healing and Miracles, to pass for his dissertation, his hunger to have an impact on theological education was simply too strong.

"I'm a glutton for punishment," laughed Clark. "I already have most of my completely new dissertation finished; I needed something to do."

Despite his collection of degrees, no knowledge infused by his undergraduate school or seminary could prepare him for the lessons he learned from the wreckage of a nearly crippling accident.

"It was my own healing that kept me from losing my faith," said Clark.

In November of 1970, Clark was involved in a devastating car wreck, causing him to suffer many spinal injuries and bouts of paralysis. Members of his church body began consistently praying for his recovery.

"By the next summer, I was working in the oil fields again," said Clark. "I was healed by those prayers, and I can't ever doubt that."

Through his education and own healing experience, Clark explained that he now has a faith that "won't stop."

"If God gives you just enough to sustain you, you'll never have to learn how to cry out for more," said Clark.

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