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Regent Celebrates Chapel Grand Opening

By Brett Wilson | March 22, 2013

Founder and Chancellor Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson and his wife Dede cut the ribbon signifying the opening of Regent's new Chapel and Divinity School building.
Photo courtesy of Tim Kay.

In 2007, when former Regent University trustee Joe Gregory visited the campus for the first time, he asked his driver to take him through campus so that he could admire and pray over it.

"After a while, I asked him to take me where the chapel was located, and I obviously struck a nerve," said Gregory, referring to the fact that Regent had no chapel building at the time. "I am so glad that my driver could fulfill that request today."

Coinciding with university Founder and Chancellor Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson's 83rd birthday, Friday, March 22, marked another significant day for the Regent community with the grand opening of the new chapel building.

"This has been a long time coming for all of us, but I know that God is never late," said Gregory as he addressed the crowd gathered to watch the special ribbon-cutting ceremony. "And I just love it when things are done to the glory of God to represent the excellency of Christ."

Congressman J. Randy Forbes from the 4th District of Virginia also spoke at Friday's celebration. Forbes said he hopes that this chapel will serve as a "tapestry of faith," and that its positive presence in the community will help alleviate the political divisions our nation has witnessed.

"I love this campus, and this chapel will be an enormous asset," said Forbes.

International evangelist Rev. Reinhard Bonnke shared Forbes' passion for the new possibilities the chapel brings to the community and hopes that the educational institution will continue to serve as a "womb" for ministries to begin and emanate from.

"This is a wonderful day and a wonderful moment, and I'm honored to be here to celebrate with you," said Bonnke. "And I'm so glad to see the vision that God gave Dr. Robertson turn into a complete reality."

The genesis of Robertson's vision began in 1978 with just seven faculty members and 77 students. Then, the kernel of the school met, not in classrooms, but within trailers in the city of Chesapeake, before it moved to its 142-acre Virginia Beach campus.

"God is a strategist, and He doesn't send you anywhere just to keep you busy," said Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff. "He doesn't just make up the script as He goes."

Krasnoff encouraged the leaders of Regent's community to continue to walk in "supernatural" victory, and congratulated them on the growth that the campus has seen during its history, spanning more than 30 years.

"This is not just good ground; it's great ground," said Krasnoff.

Senior founding pastor of Calvary Revival Church, Bishop Courtney McBath '98 (Divinity) reminded those gathered that the ground they stand on is merely a foothold to God.

"This [chapel] is not a house for the Lord to live in, but it is a house for His temples to gather in," said McBath. "For we are His temples, and He lives inside of us."

McBath explained that his former studies at Regent deepened his sense of worship and the acknowledgement of the presence of God in His life. He is thankful that students today will have a place to gather for their own fellowship, worship and transformation.

"Today is a day of celebration, and we should 'rejoice and be glad' in it, because God has done wonderful things," said McBath.

Chancellor Robertson joined in the celebration of the chapel's opening and the testimony of the "wonderful things" he has witnessed through obedience to God.

"This is beautiful! It's a place of worship, and a place where students can come; it's a center for Christian thought all over the entire world," said Robertson. "And now those cab drivers will know where the chapel is!"

Robertson thanked the trustees and donors who contributed to the success of the school's ministry, and for the majestic building completed behind him.

"What a wonderful moment this is," said Robertson. "All of this, because God simply said, 'Go build a school for My glory.'"

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