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RSG Professor Discusses Abortion

By Amanda Morad | January 18, 2013

Dr. James Slack answers student questions after his presentation.

As Regent University's resident expert in the area of life and death policy, Dr. James Slack, professor in the Robertson School of Government (RSG), presented an intimate look at an abortion clinic and the long term consequences of abortion on Tuesday, Jan. 15, just days before the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

At the first RSG Lunch & Learn event of the semester, Slack addressed the importance of applying Biblical truth to contemporary reality. "We need to reconcile the Word with the world," he said. "It's Imago Dei; it's the image of God—that's why life is precious. Not because we're all good people wanting to do good things. We're simply made in the image of God."

As Slack showed the audience photos of the inside of an abortion clinic and explained each step a woman goes through in order to achieve an abortion, he iterated that the image of Roe v. Wade as a champion of choice and of privacy for a woman's decision to abort her baby is a smoke screen.

"There is no privacy when a woman goes to a clinic," Slack explained. "Not only is she barraged by pro-choicers and pro-lifers alike coming in the door, but she's herded into waiting room after waiting room full of girls just like her who can't stand to look at each other."

Slack also noted that abortion is an industry just like any other: "Clinics are made to make middle class girls and women feel comfortable. They cater to the middle class because they're the ones who can afford abortions."

He then discussed the consequences of abortion, including guilt, flashbacks triggered by everyday sights and sounds, unresolved fear, and physical implications like infection, chronic pain and infertility. The psychological factors are grouped as Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome and currently have very little in the way of support, funding or research to help rehabilitate women after the procedure.

"Pro-choicers are all gung-ho about escorting women into the clinic to make their choice, but when they come out, the women are completely ignored," Slack noted. "The cheerleaders have done their political duty, and then they move on."

But the Christian response should be the opposite, he said. "We need to be comforting and supporting these mothers who've made a mistake. Who of us has not made a mistake and then experienced the grace of God?"

"Christians have got to take a stand. Why aren't we talking about this in our churches? Writing letters to our congressmen?" Slack challenged. "What have we been doing? It's like that old Quaker saying, 'when you pray, move your feet'—we need to be moving our feet and speaking up."

Slack's latest book, Abortion, Execution and the Consequences of Taking Life, is now in its second printing. The topic hits close to home, as he is the father of two adopted children. "I thank God every day that my son and daughter's parents made the right decision," he said, getting emotional at the thought. "I look at my children and see the image of God every day."

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