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Steeple in Place as Chapel Construction Continues

By Rachel Judy | September 24, 2012

Photo by Patrick Wright

Now rising more than 125 feet above the campus of Regent University is a steeple bearing a nine foot tall gold cross. A symbol of the Christ-centeredness that is a hallmark of the university, the cross was placed on the steeple of the university's chapel under construction during a special joint CBN-Regent service held on the Virginia Beach, Va., campus on Friday, Sept. 21.

Inspired by St. Martin-in-the-Fields—a London church with medieval roots—the 22,164 sq. ft. chapel will feature a 1,000-seat sanctuary to house gatherings for worship and other events. A smaller prayer room will remain open around the clock so individuals and small groups can hold Bible studies and devotions. In addition, a beautiful prayer garden with an exquisite fountain will offer individuals a welcome respite for intercession and reflection. Adjoining the chapel will be an academic building that will house the School of Divinity.

Groundbreaking for the chapel and divinity building complex took place in 2010. Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2013.

"This extraordinary moment in the history of Regent is a testament to God's faithfulness," said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. "When we look up at the steeple and the cross at its top, we are reminded that we are a Christ-first university that will forever be guided by the Biblical principles on which we were founded."

During Friday's chapel service, Regent's founder and chancellor, Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson stood before the chapel and divinity buildings and spoke about trusting God. "He's able," Chancellor Robertson said. "We've got to trust God. Trust Him for the future."

The chapel—a dream of Chancellor Robertson's for many years—has been an undertaking of trust from the beginning. As the community gathered to celebrate the placement of the steeple and the cross, this reminder rang true. "There isn't one good thing that's happened at CBN or this campus that wasn't led by God," Chancellor Robertson said. "We're going to dedicate [this site], and we're going to say unto Him who causes everything to be, 'we're going to trust you.'"

After Chancellor Robertson's address, he placed the names of more than 8,700 donors who gave a gift of $25 or more to support the project into the center of the gold cross. The cross was then hoisted by a crane to the top of a steeple where it was placed as several hundred people watched.

"Spiritual vitality has always been central to Regent's mission," said Dr. Richard Kidd, director of Campus Ministries. "The new chapel will establish—for the first time—sacred space instead of borrowed space for this all-important activity."

He continued. "A simple walk across the campus will now draw our gaze heavenward, inviting all to step into the new 24 hour prayer chapel, or into the chapel proper for a time of worship."

The steeple is 65 feet high and 18 feet square at the base. The steeple finish is Colonial white, and the spire and roof are natural copper. The approximate weight of the steeple is 15,000 pounds. The cross measures nine feet tall with an arm span of just over four feet, and is finished in gold leaf.

Watch the 700 Club broadcast of the steeple being placed on the chapel.

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