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Regent Board Approves School Name Changes

| August 8, 2012

Regent University's Board of Trustees has approved new names for two of Regent's schools—the School of Undergraduate Studies is now the College of Arts & Sciences, and the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship is now the School of Business & Leadership. The changes are effective immediately.

"These name changes are appropriate at this time in Regent University's remarkable history," said Danny Sellers, chairman of Regent's Board of Trustees. "The changes reflect Regent's continued commitment to offering our students one of the most sought after Christian higher education experiences available. It has never been more critical that leaders in all professions be prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's world with uncompromising integrity."

"Both the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Business & Leadership have clear identities and missions, and strong academic programs," said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. "The significance of these new names reflects Regent's vision to be the most influential, Christian, transformational university in the world."

The new name for the undergraduate school expands on an academic philosophy that revolves around developing leaders of character through a comprehensive liberal arts and rigorous life sciences program with a distinctive faith-based integration. Undergraduate programs began in 2005, and the school has experienced impressive growth in just a few years. In fall 2006, the school enrolled 1,046 students, which had increased to 2,333 students by fall 2011—a 123 percent growth rate.

"Now resolutely advancing with a clear identity and mission, unique academic focus, strong enrollment and nationally recognized curriculum, Regent University and the school are taking their place among other universities—and colleges within these universities—that have a strong liberal arts and humanities curriculum as well as rigorous science programs," explained Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, dean of the college. "Progressing under the name 'College of Arts & Sciences' symbolizes the college's strength and position for future accomplishments."

Business and leadership programs have a long history at Regent, dating to the founding of the graduate School of Business in 1981. The school's name evolved over time and now is returning to its roots, and will retain a strong global focus and emphasis on leadership development. The new School of Business & Leadership name more appropriately expresses the school's core programs and strengths, and also reflects the school's expanding MBA programs.

"A global emphasis is at the core of all Regent programs and will remain so in the 'School of Business & Leadership,'" explained Dr. Bruce Winston, dean of the school. "In addition, our unique focus on leadership will also remain unchanged.

As part of this growth, beginning in Spring 2013 Regent's prestigious MBA program will expand its offerings to include two new majors: Marketing and Human Resources Management.

Although effective immediately, the name changes will be implemented over the course of the next several months.

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