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Workshop Gets to the Heart of Songwriting

By Rachel Judy | February 1, 2012

Craig Adams

Taking seriously its commitment to nurture and build worship leaders within the church, Regent University's International Center for Worship (ICW) recently hosted its latest one-day seminar on Saturday, Jan. 28.

Titled "True Worship: Writing and Stewarding Music for the Church," the workshop featured worship leader Tommy Walker; president and CEO of Maranatha! Music, Randy Alward; Craig Adams, director of A+R Publishing, and creative director at LifeWay Worship; and David M. Edwards, creative director of the ICW.

The purpose of the seminar was threefold: first, to help songwriters and worship leaders understand how to align song lyrics with Scripture; second, to address tools that will give worship songs longevity; and third, to hear firsthand from three of Christian music's leaders and mentors in worship.

"I have seen God, time and time again, breathe fresh life and power into a congregation when new songs were introduced," Walker said. "I am convinced that God's blessing is on sincere songwriters in a special way right now."

"Focusing on songwriting encourages worship leaders to discover and press into the creative thumbprint of their community of faith and offer up an indigenous praise," Adams added. "God's Word commands us to sing a new song. There is power in our worship when the new song we sing is born out of the journey of faith we take with one another."

"Thank you for putting together such a great workshop for Christian music," said John Hatcher, a pastor at a church in Chesapeake, Va. "I was blessed to be there."

The night before the workshop, Jan. 27, the International Center for Worship hosted An Evening of Worship with Walker, Adams and Edwards at First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Va. Members of the congregation and local community turned out for a time of praise and worship, demonstrating the very thing the three men would discuss the next day.

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