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Regent Expands Programs in South Africa

| September 12, 2011

John Jones speaks at a leadership conference in Pretoria.

After more than a decade of building relationships, Regent University is poised to expand its programs in South Africa as the next step toward the development of the first Regent Global Center. This center will serve as a base for connecting with other nations in southern and central Africa.

The university recently hired
John Jones '10 (Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship), an attorney and business consultant, who will assist in facilitating strategic connections, as well as marketing professional and continuing education programs in leadership development for government agencies, churches and other organizations in South Africa.

"Regent is well-positioned in Africa," Jones said. "The opportunity is so great to build on Regent's investment over the past 10 years."

Regent's entry into South Africa began around 2000, when representatives from the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship (GLE) began participating in educational conferences and offering seminars. In 2009, GLE began offering its online master's degrees in organizational leadership and business administration. This year, the school also began offering its online master's in strategic foresight. Currently, about 60 South African students are enrolled in GLE courses, following on the heels of some 20 alumni living in the nation.

Also in 2009, the School of Psychology & Counseling's Trauma Team visited South Africa to provide counseling and training, contributing to Regent's presence and growing reputation there.

Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo, traveled to South Africa earlier this year, meeting with business, church and government leaders. Through these meetings, "President Campo recognized that Regent had an opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives and decided to go forward with establishing a Regent University Global Center in this country," explained Dr. Sergio Matviuk, executive director of global affairs.

Matviuk added: "South Africa will also serve as a platform for study abroad programs, service learning abroad programs and as a base to support Regent's programs and efforts in other African countries such as Rwanda and Kenya, where the university also has operations."

As part of Regent's expansion plan, in May, Regent's PCE division launched a new Leadership Mentoring and Coaching certificate program in Hatfield, South Africa, that enrolled a dozen leaders from Hatfield Christian Church. The eight-week program, which utilized live streaming technology, helped equip these leaders to be effective mentors and coaches in their church and community.

Over the coming year, Jones will assess training needs in South Africa, exploring opportunities and marketing Regent's PCE programs.

"Regent has a global call, and many in South Africa believe that South Africa has a call to impact the entire African continent," Jones explained. "There is a great national need for education and leadership training, and Regent can help meet that need in many ways."

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