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UnChapel Rallies Students, Community in Worship

By Amanda Morad | September 7, 2011

Students participate in Night of Worship.

"When nearly 300 students get passionate about a cause, things happen," Dr. Richard Kidd, director of Regent University's Campus Ministries said of Regent's Night of Worship.

Held Thursday, Sept. 1, in the Center for Performing Arts, what would normally be a student-led worship and fellowship hour called UnChapel turned into a community-wide spiritual experience. Guest artists Ricky Hilton and William Matthews, accompanied by vocalist Steffany Frizzell, led the auditorium into a time of intimate worship.

"As I watched Regent University students direct their hearts towards heaven in unbridled worship, I couldn't help but think of our founder [and Chancellor] Dr. Pat Robertson, who on that same Main Theater stage days before shared the story of how God led him to found a school," Kidd explained. "This generation demonstrates the intent to proclaim His glory in their authentic and contagious excitement."

Jason Peaks, Campus Ministries' discipleship coordinator and UnChapel's weekly worship leader, organized the event and served as emcee. He introduced Hilton as the "big brother" who encouraged him to start singing. What followed during Hilton's set was a tender-hearted and eclectic mix of original songs from his live worship album, Matchless. Hilton's southern soul style, ethereal falsetto and inspired lyrics made quite an impression.

"I'm so thankful to be here, and I have to say, this is the most worshipful campus I've ever been on," he said.

Regent's UnChapel band rehearsed and performed with Hilton, who opened for Israel Houghton at Rock Church in Virginia Beach earlier this summer. Hilton and his wife Erica serve as both worship pastors and young adult pastors at Calvary Church in Johnson City, Tenn.

Following a brief intermission in which Global Day of Worship founder Eunice Barruel '01 (Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship) spurred excitement for the upcoming worldwide event on Friday, Nov. 11, Bethel Music artists Matthews and Frizzell took the stage.

"Let's go somewhere with God tonight," said Matthews as he opened his set with prayer. Matthews--whose debut album, Hope's Anthem, recently released--brought a mix of original pop and R&B worship songs, as well as popular Christian covers with singing partner Steffany Frizzell.

The pair gave the night a sense of celebration and freedom, as students danced and shouted in praise, then moved into passionate worship. Matthews and Frizzell's ministry emphasized fostering personal relationship with God. "This is a moment of consecration," Matthews observed. He wasn't the only one to notice the distinct atmosphere of the night.

"I recalled the rich heritage of worship here at Regent, whose early chapels might last for three hours and find students prostrate praying to the Lord," Kidd reflected. "Indeed, this is a school 'for His glory' and a new generation of students is awakening to the deep well of Christ-centered worship in this special place."

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