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Campus Worship Team Prepares for Ministry

By Amanda Morad | August 26, 2011

Jason Peaks directs the new worship team in rehearsal.

From the sound booth, it looks like any other band rehearsal. But when Regent University's worship team breaks into song, it's clear they are practicing more than music. From Aug. 15-18, the 14 worship leader scholarship recipients met to prepare musically and spiritually at Regent's first Worship Band Camp.

Jason Peaks, Campus Ministries' discipleship coordinator, and Sean Kirnan, director of communications and enrollment marketing for the School of Law, led the camp. Each day consisted of classes on the art and function of worship, discipleship training and of course, plenty of rehearsal time. Kirnan leads University Chapel worship and assists Campus Ministries in worship team leadership and development.

"[We wanted to] create a strong sense of community amongst the team and empower them with teaching and practical skills as worship leaders," Peaks explained.

The team debuted at Founder's Chapel with Chancellor and Founder Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson on Wednesday, Aug. 24. The team also led worship Thursday, Aug. 25 for this year's first UnChapel, a student-inspired, student-led time for worship, fellowship and the Word.

During camp, the team prepared a repertoire of 20 worship songs for chapel and the many worship-based events on campus this semester.

"We realized that we needed a concentrated time of a preparation to give our student worshipers every opportunity to excel in worship leading," said Kirnan. "This was the start of a new chapter in Campus Ministries' worship team development."

When it comes to song choice, Peaks and Kirnan look beyond rhythm and tone. "I tend to choose the songs that highlight the attributes of God or passages from Scripture which combine those truths with the situation of human experience," said Peaks. "We have been learning songs that are as varied as modernized hymns, gospel, contemporary Christian, earthy-soul folk and the most avant-garde, progressive songs being sung today."

Kirnan and Peaks have clear vision for this year's campus worship gatherings. "We want to see Jesus Christ exalted in scriptural, passionate worship, such that we all as faculty, students and staff grow closer to him and to each other," Kirnan explained.

Campus Ministries first offered worship scholarships last year, awarding them to eight members of the worship team. Open auditions were held last spring for this year's team.

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