Career Development

Brian Weaver

Founder, Strategic Global Impact

Brian Weaver, a recent graduate of the Regent School of Divinity, is moving full-force towards the fulfillment of the passions God has given him. After receiving his MA in Practical Theology in 2008, Brian and his wife launched their own missions organization, Strategic Global Impact (SGI). In the two years since its inception, they have seen God use them strategically in Africa, particularly in the launching of a bible college in Tanzania. "This part of Tanzania is very remote and primarily Islamic," Brian explains. "There are not a lot of churches to begin with. The bible college is equipped to train new pastors and facilitate the launch of new churches in the area. The ministry's goal is to mobilize new church planters into these areas and partner with local ministries."

Brian knows that what has already been accomplished would not have been possible without the connections forged with others, especially Regent graduates.

  • One specific partnership has been with Sherri, a Regent Divinity alumna and school teacher who has joined with SGI to help the Tanzanian government train secondary school teachers. The partnership has been working well, with SGI and Sherri providing the training, while the Tanzanian government provides teachers with paid leave time and everything required to complete the training.
  • Another key alumni partnership is with Travis, who is collaborating with SGI to launch a modular-based training center for church planters in northern Mozambique.
  • Other divinity alumni that Brian has partnered with teach at the bible school and help coordinate things on-site when Brian is not in country.

On the power of his network, Brian says, "There is no way we could be doing the things that we're doing now without networking. The relationships I formed early in my school experience were easy to identify as great potential partnerships. God's grace is on those relationships. The multiplication of the bible school is only because we have had help. We couldn't do it alone."

Brian's perspective is that relationships are essential. "Every connection has had an important part and contribution. In terms of networking, these relationships we have formed have been really invaluable and have contributed to the acceleration of our vision."

Brian's advice for other students? "Don't take relationships for granted while you at Regent. Understand that God is using those relationships not only for your growth and spiritual formation, but also for dreams to be forged and for potential partnership in ministry. Also, understand the power of synergy. When we come together, we can exponentially make a greater impact. Be mindful to pull back on your personal dreams to make way for a greater dream. The value of relationships is key to networking."

On a practical level, Brian encourages students to seek out professors or local ministries that are doing the things you want to be doing in the future. "Don't be abashed by pursuing them and asking them for contacts. Communicate, not only after graduation, but also during your schooling to see and experience what is already being done in the area of your passion."

Brian's long-term goal is to expand the kingdom of God through mobilization of churches to impact communities. He hopes to provide venues for others, especially fellow Regent graduates, to gain experience in Africa, and in Europe and Asia as the Lord opens doors.

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