Career Development

Robert Pennello

VB Psych Internship

Robert Pennello is a native of Princeton, New Jersey, currently pursuing a Masters degree in the Regent School of Psychology and Counseling. Robert's proactive approach and networking capitalized on an experience he had during his fist days at Regent, eventually leading to an internship at Virginia Beach Psychological Hospital (VB Psych).

Robert first learned about VB Psych while helping a friend in crisis, and serving as advocate while his friend received care allowed him to develop contacts with staff members there. Knowing he would eventually need an internship site, he observed the unit carefully and asked students from previous cohorts about their experiences there. When it came time to chose a site, his decision was clear, and the combination of his qualifications and prior connections with staff led to his being hired on the spot for the position.

When asked for his advice to other Psychology students, Robert shared these tips:

  • "First, get to know the cohort ahead of you who are already completing their internships. Ask them questions about things you're interested in. This will help you narrow down your choices so that you are more equipped to pursue the right leads for you."
  • "Ask your professors. They have a lot of connections and help you find leads in a particular field."
  • "Keep in mind that the opportunities will not always come to you - you have to go after them, from beginning to end.
  • "You can find better jobs and better opportunities by knowing people in specific fields who can vouch for your credibility or support you in the process."
  • "Take time to learn from others' stories. Glean from what's inside of them and grow from your interactions."

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