Career Development

Andrew Page


Originally from North Carolina, Andrew Page is a 2010 graduate of Regent Law. Already, many exciting doors have opened for him in his career, including his first full-time job as an attorney for a local law firm as soon as he passes the bar in July. In this job market, having a job lined up at graduation is no small feat, and Andrew attributes a great deal of his success to the networking relationships he forged during his time at Regent.

Throughout his studies at Regent School of Law, Andrew completed two different internships to learn new skills and develop contacts in the industry. He heard about his first internship at Portfolio Recovery Associates through a student one year ahead of him in the program, from whom he learned more details about the opportunity and some key pointers on how to make the most of it. Using Pathfinders, the online Regent Law career board, Andrew pursued a lead at the organization and eventually interviewed and was accepted as an intern.

His second internship, at the US Attorney's office, originated from a contact he made with a civil attorney who was attending a Regent chapel with the Board of Visitors. Andrew approached her after the chapel and asked for an informal meeting. He kept in touch with this contact over the next two years, which led to the internship in the Spring of 2010. Through that internship, Andrew was able to be a part of a number of career-boosting experiences, including the opportunity to try cases in federal court.

Andrew's road to obtaining his current job at a local law firm, Stallings & Bischoff makes another networking success story. His connection to the firm started in his first year of law school when one of their attorneys served as a judge in the Regent Trial Intramural Competition. This attorney was impressed with Andrew and nominated him for best opening statement in the event. Andrew was able to talk with the attorney after the competition and the initial contact was made. During his second year, Andrew participated in a speed networking event hosted by Regent Law Career Services, where he renewed contact with the same attorney. After this event, Andrew kept in touch and built the relationship. When he began pursuing full time career options, his contact at the firm became an advocate for Andrew to the hiring managers at the firm, and even helped him prepare for interviews.

Commenting on the importance of networking, Andrew said, "It opened up the doors that I needed. It is very true what people say, that it is about who you know, not what you know. I was qualified, but also needed to make sure I met people, and not necessarily for the purpose of trying to get a job, but simply investing in relationships."

His advice to other students? "Start early. Particularly in the Law school, when you're first getting started it's hard to try to do other things other than study. However, do everything you can to network early on, if not just to practice. Most people are not natural at networking, and the process can be intimidating at times. Taking time early on to start opening up channels of networking and developing your networking skills can make a huge difference in the long term."

Andrew also encourages students to get involved in student organizations, which is a great way to meet up with outside firms and professionals in your field. These organizations bring in many outside speakers, which gives you a chance to make new contacts and expand your network.

Although Andrew is just starting out in his law career, networking has already played an important role in his success. Where will he go from here? Andrew is not sure, but for now he is focused on passing the bar and succeeding in his new position. He is open to the plans that God has for him long-term, and he knows that as he is faithful to do his part, the right opportunities will come.

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