Career Development

Jennifer Murray

CEO, Geneve Skye Philanthropic Entertainment

Based in Houston, Jennifer Murray, a 2003 journalism grad from the School of Communication & the Arts is a successful entrepreneur with a captivating vision to bring positive change through entertainment. With a brand-new company and a power-packed team of alliances, she has already seen God open many doors and is the first to say that networking has played a pivotal role in her success.

"Everything we've done has been entirely network-based," Jennifer notes, sharing that she already has been privileged to connect with such people as the prince of Italy and major Hollywood players such as Frank Yablans—connections she attributes to divine favor and the power of strategic networking.

Jennifer launched her company, Geneve Skye Philanthropic Entertainment in 2008. The mission of her organization is to use film and television to create profits that are distributed to early-stage nonprofit organizations for the betterment of human lives. Although they are just on the brink of what they hope to accomplish, the organization has already benefited greatly through strategic networking relationships.

One of the most significant stories of Jennifer's networking success involves relationships made at Regent. Starting out in her business, Jennifer felt over her head and knew she needed other people's help. She contacted the current dean of the School of Communication, Michael Patrick, to let him know she needed to find someone in the industry who understood film finance. He put her in touch with people in his network, and one of those connections eventually led Jennifer to a meeting with Frank Yablans, a man considered to be one of the founding members of Hollywood and the CEO of Promenade Pictures in Los Angeles. Today, Frank Yablans and many other significant players in the industry serve on the Strategic Leadership Council of Geneve Skye.

Along with LinkedIn and Facebook, the Regent alumni network and some telephone calls have helped Jennifer connect with other key professional colleagues. Jennifer says it starts with "being friendly, understanding your vision, and sharing this vision with people. When other people get it, they want to introduce you to other people".

Jennifer knows that she has experienced extreme favor and is thankful to God for the connections she has made. "There are many times," Jennifer noted, "that I'm asked to do things that I don't necessarily know how to do. But certainly there is someone in my network who does."

Her advice to students? "In networking, seek what's important to the other person, what's valuable to them—not being manipulative, but being sincerely interested in what you can do for them versus what you can take from them."

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